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Fortnite Pro Issues Apology After Community Backlash

Fortnite Pro Issues Apology After Community Backlash


The Fortnite FNCS Grand Finals Day 1 gave us an unexpected load of entertainment. And we’re not talking about the tournament itself but rather the drama that ensued between two competitors. It all started when Cody “Clix” Conrad sniped UnknownxArmy or Unknown Army and taunted him by dancing. Taking the jest to heart, Unknown decided he would grief Clix in the next round. While this in itself reflected poorly on the competitive scene, it took an uglier turn.

Unknown, true to his word, studied Clix’s pattern from the replay and landed near him in the next round. having followed the player for about 10 minutes, it was Unknown who died at the hand of the opponent only to find out it was someone else. More drama followed and it all culminated in Unknown labeling another competition named young calculator a racist.

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Fortnite player Unknown issues apology

Unknown had vowed to continue to grief Clix on Day 2 as well. However, a little time away from the fiasco seems to have done him good. In a statement released today, he apologized for his behavior and false accusations against Yung Calculator.

He admitted his mistakes in the statement and went on to explain how talking to his friends and family helped him.

“Fortnite has given me so many amazing opportunities, and the last thing I want to do is harm the integrity of the competitive scene. I understand that my actions not only affect the players I am competing against but also can influence my fans and viewers. What I did was immature and something I am not proud of.”

Moreover, he also announced his decision to not stream his game for the Fortnite FNCS Grand Finals Day 2.

“I won’t be streaming the rest of the event this weekend, and I’m going to work on focusing on myself and my own game in the future.”

While his allegations against Yung were quite serious and not something that should be made lightly, it is clear he has learned from his mistake. Let’s just file this incident under the impatience of youth and forgive and forget.

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