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Fortnite: Pro Streamers To Follow In SypherPK’s Footsteps?

Published 07/26/2020, 3:16 PM EDT

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Nickmercs deciding to quit Fortnite seems to be where things started to go downhill for the fan-favorite title by Epic Games. This happened way back in March when the former 100 Thieves streamer, having played Call of Duty Warzone for over ten hours, said,

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“I feel like I have played for an hour. Guys, we have a predicament.”

About Fortnite, though, all he had to say was,


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“What was it? 2 years and some change? I think we had good run guys!”

And you can’t complain because stats from streams suggest nothing in favor of it. There has been a 10% drop in viewers, along with a 27% drop in watch time on Twitch. People are simply watching the game less! And you cannot say you don’t support the streamers’ choices because they play these games for hours and the game isn’t doing much right now to help their scene.

SypherPK recently tweeted he was going to stream Call of Duty Warzone more than Fortnite.

Ninja, possibly the biggest streamer out there, has not been streaming much lately and has been uncharacteristically mum on Fortnite. He was recently spotted playing Valorant with Hiko and other streamers before Mixer decided to shut down. His YouTube channel does have Fortnite content, but it’s all from his older broadcasts. Does that mean he doesn’t play the game even for content anymore?

The man himself seems to be lamenting about Valorant EXPs, but is quite noticeably mum on Fortnite;

Who would have thought the most popular BR would see a turnaround in all the wrong ways.

Fortnite: SypherPk To Stop Streaming Fortnite For Warzone

Are Fortnite Devs partly to blame?

If the situation is analyzed then we can all see where Epic Games is not paying enough attention. They are JUST LAZY! Updates are taking weeks to arrive and most have been pretty lame despite that.

Remember the car update SypherPK talked about? Here’s what Fortnite had to say about it;


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Another delay? Well, yes.

No wonder the game isn’t getting better and people are not streaming it. Don’t worry, it is not like Epic Games is making any less money being lazy. They are doing just fine. The question is, how much longer will it last?


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YouTuber thatdenverguy made a brilliant video where he provides his two cents on all that and more.


Source– twitter/jessicablevins


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