Fortnite Pro Takes to Twitter and Calls for Justice Against Cheating Allegations

January 6, 2021 12:22 am

A few weeks ago we saw one of the biggest pros of Fortnite receiving a ban during the Frosty Frenzy tournament. The former FNCS winner, KEZ, received the axe because he allegedly used the ‘softaim’ hack. The pro had immediately left the game and maintained a vow of silence about the issue until now.

KEZ was competing in the Frosty Frenzy trio tournament with teammates Ghost Nanolite and Cizlucky when he received the ban. Fortnite commentator AussieAntics posted a clip right after, showing the reaction of Nanolite when KEZ got banned.

Following this, several clips and pictures started popping up on Twitter as potential evidence against KEZ. One of the major ones was from the pro Beehive, from eSports organization NRG. Beehive posted a couple of screenshots that apparently show KEZ buying a ‘softaim’ hack.

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KEZ replied to this after reactivating his Twitter.

KEZ takes to Twitter to demand justice against his Fortnite ban

Following the whole fiasco, KEZ deactivated both his Twitter and Instagram handles. However, earlier yesterday, he reactivated his Twitter, and it seems he is still sore from the ban. He has been trying to prove his innocence since.

We all know by now how harsh receiving a ban from Epic Games can be. The company lets the anti-cheat systems do all the work and provides very little context in such instances. As of now, it does not even seem likely that Epic Games will roll the ban back.

However, there are blank spaces in KEZ’s story as well. For instance, why did the former champion not raise these points immediately? Why wait for a couple of weeks before reacting to what is a major allegation against him?

Well, it looks like we will have to wait until this story unfolds further.

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