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Fortnite Pro TSM Khanada Faces Suspicious Twitch Ban

Fortnite Pro TSM Khanada Faces Suspicious Twitch Ban

Trash talk seems to be an integral part of most sports, including eSports. The player community of Fortnite was even criticized by TimTheTatman in conversation with pro player SypherPK. He said that the juvenile trash talk was annoying. However, he claimed that he wasn’t against trash talk in general; he simply found the kind of trash talk that happened on Fortnite annoying. However, things might have gone overboard with what happened to TSM player Leon ‘Khanada’ Khim.

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(Source: Tsm.gg)

Recently, Twitch banned Khanada and said that he had “violent threats mid-stream”. This happened during a Wager match where Khanada trash-talked one of his opponents. Khanada has generally been a person who has harshly criticized opponents, but this has never been on a level that warranted a ban. As of now, Twitch hasn’t provided a further explanation for the ban, and neither did they provide any clip or video citing the instance.

Fortnite pro TSM Khanada confused about why Twitch banned him

Khanada recently posted a tweet that showed his displeasure with the situation. A lot of pros replied to the tweet and asked about the details. While the thread throws a little more light on the situation, it doesn’t exactly reveal what it was he said that made Twitch ban him.


Twitch has done this earlier as well, where they banned somebody from the platform without providing evidence or explanation. The platform hasn’t contacted the pro either and has left him guessing where he went wrong. Although famous for talking trash, Khanada has never gone overboard with it and neither had he earned a ban before this instance. Moreover, the platform hasn’t yet stated whether the ban is permanent or temporary.

This is reminiscent of Dr Disrespect’s recent ban from Twitch. The platform never provided a reason for the ban, at least publicly. Doc has refrained from commenting on the issue due to legal reasons, and fans were left to speculate about the possibilities. This could be the case for Khanada as well, if it is indeed a long-term suspension.

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