Fortnite: Pros Give Their Tips On Better Frame Rate

July 17, 2020 8:00 pm

Fortnite battle royale season 3 has been splendid in every way so far. However, with respect to a lot of areas, improvements could certainly have been made. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting a better frame rate in the game, there are few things one has to keep in mind. There are several applications that can help with this as well.

Why do you need a better frame rate? A higher or better frame rate contributes to the gameplay in a lot of ways. The higher the frame rate, the smoother and more responsive it feels. This one has to do with target tracking as better frame rates allow you to follow the trajectory accurately. 

The other issue is trailing. Imagine looking at an opponent and you see a trail of their figure. This phenomenon is known as ghosting. This one is quite strenuous for the eyes, making it difficult to aim.

Higher frame rate for Fortnite

In Season 3, several players complained about the in-game frame rate. Not just the resolution or the graphics quality but also the hue and saturation, especially at night. This one can be handled by increasing the brightness somewhere around 120-130. However, this does not account for the changes one makes to their graphics settings outside of the game. 

Recently, we saw various pros and streamers using a resolution to make things smoother. Speculations are ranging from 1750×1080 to 1980 by 1400. However, we are not absolutely sure which one the pros prefer. They are maintaining a lot of secrecy about it. 

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It is important to have a good setup first

To get the best resolution for an improved frame rate, one has to experiment a bit. It will need a lot of tweaks , especially on a low-end PC. However, considering the tips provided by the pros, it seems 1750×1080 is the best resolution. Liquid Stretch, Bugha, and Clix are using a secret res, which they are not letting their fans know.

In all fairness, the best way to get a better frame rate in the game will depend primarily on your PC. However, considering what the pros are going with, it is safe to assume that following their prescribed resolution will help with the frame rate. 

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