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Fortnite: Pros Not Happy With The Latest Updates

Fortnite: Pros Not Happy With The Latest Updates

The latest Fortnite update brought everything that was promised. New skins, LTMs, and maybe some minor bug fixes. What we didn’t get were any other major changes. The one thing people were really looking forward to was drivable cars. But that will now be delayed since there have been some legal issues. Take a look at this post from the game’s official handle.

Lazarbeam and Myth were definitely NOT happy with this news, and they expressed their disappointment.

Pros express concern over Fortnite

But there were a couple more things the pros were worried about. Co1azo, SypherPK, and Dakotaz, all of them voiced their concern regarding the update and the game in general.

Co1azo spoke about how the nerfed aim-assist for controllers is a huge disadvantage. He argues that “Controller players are nowhere nearly as good as keyboard and mouse players.”

This particular debate has been going on ever since cross-play became a reality. Controller players have always complained that keyboard and mouse players have an edge over them. On the other hand, KBM players have always complained that the controller aim-assist has ruined the game for them. There’s just no end to it.

Co1azo unhappy with nerfed aim-assist

Co1azo went on to defend the controller players, saying it was only because of the highly basic aim-assist that they could compete with PC players. He also mentions that it’s now much more difficult for controller players to aim considering the assist has been nerfed and it surely takes a lot more skill now. He also says they have to use 3 buttons to edit a wall and PC players need to use just one.

SypherPK, on the other hand, has made the decision to switch to Warzone for now.

“I need Fortnite to get better and get it to be more fun and exciting. And it’s not doing that right now.”

Dakotaz also expressed his disappointment, saying the in-game events are no longer interesting. He reminisces the old days when there was a giant cube and a floating island in the game. According to him, the older updates felt much more special.

Lazarbeam also had his say where he opined,

“Back in my day, update nights meant something.”

He also mentioned how the update system has now changed from a direct announcement to it being leaked first and then getting a release.

All these pros have voiced certain notable concerns that could affect the overall experience of the game. Epic Games definitely has a lot of stuff to figure out and they need to act fast.

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