Fortnite Pros Ronaldo and Clix Criticize Bugha Following Griefing Accusation

October 5, 2020 4:05 pm

Fortnite is still on a steady rise after three years of its release. One major reason for this growth is the game’s competitive scenario that is consistent and includes all the fan-favorite professionals. Fans love to see their favorite pro team up and face the best competition in the game. Apart from the competitive side, pros often collaborate with one another for content creation. However, due to an alleged griefing incident in Ninja Battles, NRG Esports players Rolando and Cody “Clix” Conrod have openly expressed their dislike for Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

Did Bugha grief Ronaldo in Ninja Battles Fortnite tournament?

Ninja Battles is Ninja’s own tournament with a total prize pool of $480,000. A lot of pros take part in the tournament and battle it out for the weekly prize pool of $80,000. In a recent match, Bugha and his trio pushed very aggressively on Ronaldo and eliminated two of his trio’s members. Ronaldo was very upset because of this overly-aggressive push and opened up on Bugha.

First and foremost, Ronaldo said that Bugha only hosts other people on his channel when it benefits him. “I know so much about this individual…but I’m not gonna say it because if I do, we’re gonna get in some trouble.”

However, the internet is divided on the matter. A lot of people support Ronaldo as they agree that Bugha played unprofessionally. On the other side, a lot of fans claim that Bugha is just the better player and he didn’t “grief” Ronaldo. Even Ninja recently talked about griefing in high-level competitive Fortnite.

Clix reacts to Ronaldo’s thoughts on Bugha

Later, Ronaldo’s org teammate Clix reacted to Bugha. Surprisingly, even Clix believes that Bugha is a selfish person. He also claimed that Bugha doesn’t like him and just plays with him for the views. This is a big shocker for fans of both the streamers, as they both play very often and no one expected such a conflict. Clix also said that probably everyone in the community dislikes Bugha for his nature.

Things are really serious between the three Fortnite pros, and fans are also choosing their sides accordingly. To be fair, all are undoubtedly gifted players but their conflict is unfortunate. However, it is also part of the Fortnite culture.

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