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Fortnite Pros Who Significantly Changed the Competitive Scene Over the Years

Published 12/27/2020, 6:53 AM EST

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From the good old days, when players struggled to even build basic structures, Fortnite has come a long way. Even though the game’s casual user base has steadily declined in the past few months, it still boasts a very active competitive scenario.

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Fortnite revolutionized the battle royale genre simply because it offered a lot more than just gun combat. Being good at Fortnite requires players to brush up on several aspects like building, editing, box fighting, aiming, and of course, game sense.

Over the years, certain players have not only mastered these skills but further innovated them to a level that the entire community followed their lead.


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A recent post on r/FortniteCompetitive talked about some of these pros:

What pros advanced the meta/skill level the most in comp Fortnite? from FortniteCompetitive

Contribution of Fortnite pros like Bugha, Clix, and Chap

Cloud9 professional Ryan “Chap” Chaplo and FaZe Bizzle were some of the first players to improvise zone movements. They had discovered the importance of early rotations, and its effect on the game meta is still self-evident.

Bugha and his exceptional piece control skills are well known in the Fortnite community. So much so, a lot of players credit him for promoting the strategy during late game movements.


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Last, but not least, NRG Clix played a huge role in devising several box fighting techniques.

While there’s no denying the efforts of the aforementioned pros, there are those whose contribution has gone unnoticed.

SpeedyGonzales and scroll wheel reset in Fortnite

Back in November 2018, YouTuber Speedy taught the PC players to reset and edit with only two button clicks:

By setting his ‘Reset Building Edit’ and ‘Building Edit’ controls to the mouse wheel, Speedy invented the fastest way to reset builds. This tip drastically impacted the meta, and players around the world still thank him for it.


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The x8 Classic

Phasing up your ramp to shoot through it it is very common strategy in Fortnite now, and a lot of new players might not realize that it was invented by x8. Back in the day, he used the strategy with utmost efficiency and perplexed his opponents:


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These were some players who significantly changed the Fortnite competitive scene over the years. How often do you use their strategies while competing?



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