Fortnite: Redditors Call For Bugha To Be Banned

August 11, 2020 11:39 pm

The FNCS is attracting a lot of attention. And why not? It is supposed to be the biggest Fortnite Competitive event. Pros, amateurs, and novices from all over the world try their luck to make it past the group stages, into the semis, and progress to the finals. Of course, it’s no cakewalk but it is exciting to watch as the action unfolds. But this year’s FNCS has attracted attention that Epic may not like.

A post on Reddit said that Bugha was killed in a Solos match by Co1azo. Within seconds, though, Owl was at his location but was eliminated too. The thing to discuss here is, were Bugha and Owl working together?

Bugha was reportedly working with Owl in Fortnite solos match

If two pros are on call with each other during a solos match, people take it to be cheating. And that is justified, to an extent. You have access to a lot more info when you’re working with someone in the game, especially in a solo tournament. Redditors quickly took note of this and were not happy.

A user commented,

Idk if any of you guys used to watch Nickmercs, but he would confirm in the waiting lobby that he didn’t have the same bus route as any of the other people in his call. And if he did, he would leave the call for that game. If you are willing to communicate with someone who is in the same game as you, you are condoning cheating.

“For Bugha and Owl to be in the same location at the same time just makes it that much worse, and clearly Bugha knew that was Owl and Owl knew that was Bugha.”

There were also Redditors who defended him, where one said,

“Everyone is probably in calls off stream so its impossible to enforce. Its looks fishy but bugha doesn’t say anything until owl is in colazos box already.”

We often see that pros are on calls during streams and it is very common for them to do so during matches too. There is very little chance of Epic taking any kind of measures here, considering a lot of pros do this.

Actual cheater exposed in FNCS

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. If people think Bugha being on call is cheating, then an actual cheater making it through the semis at FNCS is even crazier. Yes, a player named Kona actually live-streamed himself using cheats, during FNCS and he wasn’t banned. Epic only found out about it when they learned about it later on.

Ronaldo and Clix even interviewed him, where he revealed details about how he got the hacks. You can read all about it here.

This just shows how much work Epic has to do to fix the game. They absolutely cannot let things like these happen in a competitive setting. Hopefully, measures will be taken here and we’ll have an update for you soon.


Sources: Reddit

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