Fortnite Revival Might Upset Call of Duty’s Winning Run With the Community

November 26, 2020 8:45 pm

Call of Duty started a brand new chapter this month with Black Ops Cold War. Nevertheless, something is really not working out for regular players. By regular players, we mean the streamers who help to promote the game daily. Recently, many Call of Duty streamers were looking forward to playing Fortnite. While there was no good reason behind this shift, personal opinions vary from time to time, and change is a constant for streamers.

These internet personalities sit down and grind a game for hours, which their audience enjoys watching. It might get tedious after a while, and a change feels fresh and more fun.

At least that seems to be the case for Nickmercs. The popular Call of Duty Warzone streamer is considering returning to his old jam, Fortnite. Earlier this month he tweeted he misses the game a lot.

A little while later things started to change in his stream as Nickmercs made a gradual shift to Fortnite. Most of his streams started with Warzone and quickly shifted to Epic Games’ hit favorite. From what it looks like currently, the Twitch streamer might eye a return into the Fortnite competitive scene.

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More incoming Fortnite streamers?

The saddest part for Call of Duty is even other Warzone streamers are lining up to leave CoD for Fortnite. Aydan seems to be the next on the line. He tweeted yesterday about his wish to go pro in the game and partner up with none other than Nickmercs.

Is this the revival Epic Games was waiting for? After so many complaints about how the game is not fun to play anymore, fresh streamers seem to have a different opinion about it. Tfue and Cloakzy, are other popular names who had vehemently criticized Fortnite in the past but are now returning to the scene.

Will this Christmas turn the tables for Fortnite and CoD? With the Nexus War event coming up, chances of that happening seem likely. We will have to wait to find out!

Watch this space for more news on Fortnite and Call of Duty.

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