Fortnite S4 has Another Secret Challenge and Here’s How to Complete it

September 14, 2020 2:59 pm

Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 4 has been a blockbuster with the inclusion of Marvel superheroes. However, while the game does have a major theme with bigger events, it also features many hidden challenges. Gamespot said, “Epic Games has snuck another series of challenges into locations across the map–only one is available now, but more are likely to come. The first known secret challenge is called Event of the Year.”

Fortnite Challenge Location

To complete the challenge, one needs to go gnome hunting. Although one can find these gnomes scattered across the map, this is the most common location.

The gnome will be available on the right side of the map inside tile H5 of the grid. It is available near an old location which now appears to be abandoned. The gnome will be looking at a sign on the edge of the concrete circle. To complete the challenge all one needs to do is approach the gnome and interact with it.

While players have spotted gnomes at other locations as well, one doesn’t need to interact with more than one of them. Those who would like to make this challenge more interesting can go to locations like Weeping Woods and hunt the gnome themselves. However, a player can always go to the location north of Dirty Docks if they are having trouble finding them anywhere else.

Once players complete the challenge, they will receive 20,000 XP. This would be added to their battle pass progress that would help them unlock Marvel gear.


Fortnite has confirmed that there will be many such challenges every week. With this season rumored to last till December, it would go on for 16 weeks. This would mean there is a long list of challenges awaiting the players in return for exciting rewards. In addition to the battle royale mode, these side quests would make the game even more interesting. They could keep players engaged as well as also make the game more fun for the less skilled players.

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