Fortnite Season 5: Where to Find All the XP Coins in Week 7

January 13, 2021 10:03 pm

In a surprising and well-appreciated move, Epic Games has reintroduced XP Coins to Fortnite. These coins appeared in a limited quantity in different rarities to help players level up faster. However, Epic had replaced them with the new and legendary weekly quests. While this was indeed an interesting concept, players didn’t take Epic’s removal of the XP Coins too well.

After popular demand, Epic Games has once again added the XP Coins back into Fortnite. With the arrival of Week 7 in Season 5, it is time for new challenges. Along with these, there are 10 XP Coins waiting for players all across the map.

Fortnite guide to Week 7 XP Coin locations

The Fortnite XP Coins come in four different rarities: Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. These are available in different numbers and all provide a different amount of XP to players. Out of a total of 10, 4 coins are green, three are blue, two are purple, and one is gold.

Finding all these coins can get a little tough. While players can collect some of these coins in a single game, the rest are on the opposite ends of the map. Therefore, it would take multiple attempts for players to collect all the coins. Here is a list of locations where players can find all these coins.

Green Coins (5,000XP)

  1. The first location where players can find a green XP Coin is the eastern wall of the Stealthy Stronghold location towards the north of the map.
  2. A campsite in the middle of Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands houses the second coin.
  3. For the third coin, players have to venture far east, outside of the main island. On one of the small islands in the sea, players can see the coin lying there, waiting to be grabbed.
  4. Players can find the last green XP coin for the week at the southern end of the map. Opposite the factory, close to a tree, will be lying the fourth coin.

Blue Coins (6,500XP)

  1. The first out of three blue XP Coins is inside the water facing the falls in the Coral Castle location.
  2. The second blue coin is also on the water in the lake between Misty Meadows and Hunter’s Haven. Players can find the coin hovering between the two islands in the lake.
  3. Completing the trio of blue coins, the last coin is also in the waters. This one is tucked away outside the map, a little farther from the Dirty Docks location.

Purple Coins (10,300XP)

  1. The first purple coin is on the peaks south of Catty Corner. It is facing the solar panel next to the cottages on the peak. As a precaution, players should wall up since the coin splits up into multiple shards and takes a few seconds to collect.
  2. The second purple coin is in a groove next to Craggy Cliff. If players try to hover over the location while gliding from the battle bus, they can easily spot the coin.

Gold Coin (15,000XP)

There is only a single gold XP Coin available every week. However, it rewards well and is therefore worth the wait. In order to grab the gold coin, players will have to head to the crashed aircraft in the desert.

With the XP coins and the quests together, players can now level up faster in Fortnite. Moreover, they can also progress faster, unlocking multiple exciting rewards. For finding the exact locations of these coins, players can watch the guide video made by Perfect Score on YouTube.

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