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Fortnite: SypherPK And Ninja Request Epic To Increase Player Count

Fortnite: SypherPK And Ninja Request Epic To Increase Player Count

Epic Games has been on a mission to reshape Fortnite entirely. Recently, a set of updates cleared out almost every issue the streamers/pro-players raised. v12.50 did major rework with respect to a lot of aspects. However, a few things still remain unchanged and unaddressed. Recently, there was a debate about SBMM, which split the community apart. 

In a video, Ninja and SypherPK spoke about a few pertinent issues in the game. One of these was about adding more players, with less emphasis on bots. This issue has been doing the rounds for quite some time,  and Epic did not pay much attention to it. 

SBMM has both pros and cons. There are several FPS games in the market right now, with Warzone and Apex Legends being the top two in the list. Surprisingly, Fortnite manages to match the same intensity even with 100 players in a match. 

Does Fortnite need a bigger player count?

I’m thinking how can Fortnite match the intensity of a match like Warzone does.” Sypher started off with this remark to clarify that Fortnite is still among the top games out there. Ninja quickly came up with his stance and said an LTM or maybe 125 might be a good start. To have 150 players right at the first go might be difficult. However, one has to start somewhere. 

People are worried about the lag issue. Nevertheless, both Ninja and Sypher believe that it won’t happen. The pub servers can definitely handle the gravity of 150 players. They were designed to withstand much more. 

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Do more players mean more issues with the game? 

Not necessarily, as more players might just be more competitive. With the recent SBMM issue in Fortnite, things went a little out of hand. Sypher pointed out that the lobbies consisted of 60-90% of bots. People misinterpreted this and started a chaos. Perhaps Epic might have just decreased the number of bots. Although, people kept blaming Sypher for bringing back SBMM. 

If Epic chooses to increase the number of players, it might definitely help with the intensity of the game. With SBMM removed, this might be a way to increase the number of players in a match. However, we just have to wait and watch for Epic’s response. 

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