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Fortnite: SypherPK Breaks Lazarbeam’s Record

Fortnite: SypherPK Breaks Lazarbeam’s Record

Fortnite battle royale had recently faced the backlash for not being “fun” anymore. While enhancing the competitive nature of the game, Epic has somehow diminished the entertaining aspect. People love Fortnite so much simply because what we can do here, we cannot in other games. Regardless of all the recent criticisms, creators like SypherPK, LazarBeam, keep the fun aspect alive.

Recently, SypherPK took it upon him to break the all-time most kills record, which is currently held by LazarBeam. As we all know, records are meant to be broken, and this one is an excellent example of how to have fun doing it. Custom matches are perhaps the best place to do things like these.

LazarBeam had about 160 eliminations in a custom match, where he partnered with Epic to get most kills in a game. SypherPK decided to start off near The Agency and go about the business.

SypherPK breaks Fortnite all-time most kills record

“Make sure your squad is not getting all deleted,” the way this works is one member of the team reboots the fallen ones. That is how the record is higher than the number of players in a lobby. Sypher asked players to crouch in order to identify them before killing. If he killed off a squad by mistake, then it wouldn’t help him achieve his number’s target.

Unlike LazarBeam, Sypher did not build an entire structure to RPG the base. In that scenario, people naturally fall to their death, and sometimes those who reboot are in that queue. SypherPK finally ended up breaking the record held by LazarBeam. He got up to 193 eliminations, making it the most kills in a single game. 

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“I am actually out of ammo boys”

The entire video was quite entertaining, and frankly we did expect that at one point Sypher would be out of ammo. Nevertheless, the players taking part in the challenge had no intention of giving up. Classic challenges like this show how well connected the community is. 

It also shows the number of people who play Fortnite, because it is still a fun game. All in all, Fortnite is still one of the best games out there. Challenges like these make us realize that some competitions (like record-breaking) can be entertaining. 


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