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Fortnite: SypherPK Exposes Bug Used By Pros

Fortnite: SypherPK Exposes Bug Used By Pros

Bugs in games are usually don’t exist for too long. Once someone finds out about it and words spreads, the devs make sure to quickly resolve it. The procedure is the same for most games. But looks like Fortnite wants to keep this particular ‘bug’ in the game. SypherPK had already made a video before exposing this particular bug over a month ago. But looks like Fortnite still hasn’t fixed it. According to Sypher, a lot of the pros now know of this and are using it in tournaments. It’s okay if everyone is using it but if only a few of them know this, it definitely gives them an unfair advantage.

Bug used by pros in Fortnite

In this video, Sypher explains how this bug applies to all the guns in the game. While in combat, there are times where you may have to reload your weapon. Obviously this process takes time but not if you do this. Instead of reloading your weapon, simply drop it and pick it up. This automatically reloads the weapon and is much faster.

This can be game-changing in many ways and applies to multiple weapons at the same time. For eg. If you are using the large shield potion, it takes close to 5 seconds to do this. At that time, you can simply drop and pick up your weapons and voila! All your guns are now reloaded. This also works with the RPG in a way that will allow you to fire multiple rockets in quick succession without reloading.

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It works great in case you are standing over dropped weapons and are engaged in combat. You can simply switch the weapons to keep shooting constantly.

This particular bug has existed for a while now and Fortnite obviously knows about this. But the question is why aren’t they doing anything to change it? It is almost like they want people to exploit this in the game. Surely Epic has work to do over here.

Meanwhile, cars are finally here. The last water level drop introduced us to the Coral Castle and made the roads between the islands accessible. This will allow you to take control of the cars. There are also jerry cans available to refuel your vehicle. If used correctly, they can be lethal. The appearance of the spaceship in the game also hints towards a new space-themed season. The finale is close and we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us.


Source: SypherPK YouTube

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