Fortnite: SypherPK Reveals Details Of Aquaman Event

July 18, 2020 1:07 am

Fortnite battle royale has finally come out with the Aquaman update. This was one of the most anticipated updates ever since season 3 began. Since the map flooded, we have all been wondering when Aquaman would finally enter the game. This also logically ties back to one of the major themes Epic Games is hinting at.

SypherPK recently made a video covering all the aspects that we have missed with this new Aquaman update. There are several things Epic Games did not tell us, as of yet. They do this time to time to keep the suspense alive; they also want players to find it out for themselves. 

The Aquaman skin is officially in the item shop, along with his nemesis, the Black Manta. To get Aquaman and his trident in the game, one has to complete the first four weeks’ challenges. The trident can be located on a small rock, right beside Shark, on the map. Although, get a gun before going for it, as several players will attempt to take it too.

Fortnite – everything you need to know about the Aquaman update

After acquiring the trident, one can select from the two variants given for Aquaman. One is the shirtless Arthur Curry version, and the other one is the trademark, shiny orange, King Of The Seas suit. There is also a new LTM that comes with this update – the Unvaulted LTM.

Apparently, a lot of unvaulted weapons and traps are also in this LTM.” 

Sypher also spoke a little about how our childhood influences are being introduced in Fortnite. This makes it so much more relevant to popular culture. The game can be seen as an integral part of it, at the moment.

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“I will take what is rightfully mine”

Sypher completed the challenge to get the other skin variant. Basically, one has to jump from a waterfall to unlock the Arthur Curry skin. With the Aquaman and Black Manta skins now available, season 3 seems to be coming full circle. It was hinted that Aquaman will, somehow, be a part of the transition for season 4. 

With all the recent changes, what are your thoughts about the Fortnite storyline before we shift to season 4?

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