Fortnite: SypherPK Reveals the Best Drop Spot in Season 3

June 20, 2020 8:17 pm

Fortnite battle royale season 3 finally arrived, and with it came a lot of new surprises and opportunities. While players are excited about all the new inclusions, we wonder what the best way to win a game easily is. Recently, due to the map change, several players have been facing issues with this regard.

Recently SypherPK made a video about the best spots for best loot in season 3. The map has been flooded, and several new areas have been added. Incidentally, with the inclusion of new elements, there are several ways to win a game now. Just the other day, we saw how effective healing works in Fortnite.

This season has faced some criticism as players are saying that it is not as competitive as before. That is one of the issues; however, content creators are having a gala time. Sypher explained how one could be sneaky enough to get a win out of a tight situation.

SypherPK reveals best spots in Fortnite Season 3

The most overpowered drop spot in Fortnite season 3 is a boat that spawns on the edge of the island, and it is random.” This boat, Sypher mentions, doesn’t have a specific location, which makes it so elusive. Perhaps the best loot on the island is found on it, which is why the random locations. 

The fact that it doesn’t show up on the map makes it difficult to find. The loot on the boat is quite different, as it comes with an upgrade station. Also, the boat is mobile, which makes it twice as effective. 

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Stacked up before you start the fire-fight

This boat has 12 shields canisters, which means you are guaranteed to get 100 shields without using any shields.” This boat looks like the complete package, with enough materials to farm. Consumables are also packed up pretty tight. Along with it comes the boxes which give us a guaranteed purple weapon and a guaranteed launch pad. 

This is perhaps the best place to drop at if you want to start the game with the best weapons and loot. Due to the boat spawning at different locations, one has to be aware of the map, so that after looting they can get back quickly. 

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