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Fortnite: SypherPK Shows Us How to Rack Up High Kills

Fortnite: SypherPK Shows Us How to Rack Up High Kills

Season 3 will forever be known as the season of change in Fortnite. With the introduction of cars, we have seen a major shift in the game mechanics. However, one thing that will always remain the same is the drive to eliminate people. Whether it’s by a vehicle or a heavy sniper, everyone wants to get the highest kills in the game.

Recently, SypherPK explained in a video how to rack up high elimination numbers in the game. 

To end a match with a high number of kills, one has to get some early kills. And that means resorting to hot drops. The trick with hot-drops is patience; one cannot lose their calm. Frenzy Farm, Salty Springs, and the Authority are three top hot-spots at the moment. Expect heavy resistance whenever you drop into one of them.

SypherPk on how to rack up kills in Fortnite

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSqPcj5cfTE]

With hot drops, always expect someone to land with you or on your back. The best way to get ahead is to ax them first and continue hitting them. 

“As long as I get the first hit on him, I’ll get the elim,” explained Sypher in the video.

When you are farming early, make sure you have enough pads to last in early build-fights and box-ins. 

One should also have impeccable knowledge about the map. As Sypher stated, the flight path usually dictates where the hot-spots would be. Thus, your rotations have to be spot on so that you can get those kills easily. 

In a build fight, one has to be good at editing. For instance, if your enemy is spraying on the build, let him keep doing that. Instead of facing them head-on, you edit out the side just a little and proceed to jump and pop a shot from an unexpected angle. This trick works like a charm, every time.

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Predicting potential rotations

This has to do with map knowledge and bus path. Usually, people rotate from hot-spots right after getting some kills. It is important to predict the path they are going to rotate from. After a fight, players will farm or heal up. Thus, to catch them off guard, one has to predict these areas strategically. 

Sypher also showed us the advantage one has over others if they know the map and can predict such rotations. This not only comes with the element of surprise but also enables you to escape tight situations. 

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