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Fortnite: SypherPK Shows Us New Crash Pad Buff

Fortnite: SypherPK Shows Us New Crash Pad Buff

In their attempt to fix the game, Epic Games have buffed up a certain element in Fortnite. Professional players, content creators, and everyone, in general, is dissatisfied with Epic right now. The community does not like the direction the game is taking right now. Indeed, the developers need to hear what the community is asking for. 

The point is, Epic Games have the best game in the world here; if they do not maintain it, they will lose players quicker. They are making some changes, but perhaps not the right kind. For instance, in the latest video we see by SypherPK, he speaks about the crash pad buff. Perhaps, this buff is not something Fortnite needs right now. 

Nevertheless, it is what we are getting. SypherPK positively comments on how this season has been bountiful. “I keep saying this man, you (Epic) need to do something to turn up the heat, turn up the action in these matches.” Perhaps with a little more, it would have been the best season of chapter 2.

Sypher Comments on Fortnite Season 3 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd3dCrwNmjI]

Sypher commented on how Epic has listened to a lot of opinions from the community. “They have obviously adjusted skill-based matchmaking because my games are not that sweaty.” So, Epic does pay attention to the prevalent calls the community makes. “Gulag mechanic, a revamped buyback system, extra players in a match.” These things are what the game needs right now. 

Fortnite has given a lot of new content this season, but Sypher states that he would rate it 8/10. “If this season had better pacing, more action and more players, then it could easily be a 9.” Perhaps, the next season would be the one where Chapter 2 feels like Fortnite again.

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Crash pads have been buffed in the game

The trick which Sypher talks about is relatively simple. “You just walk on to the crash pad from the hood of the car, and it sends you twice as high.” The trick lies in lining up the crash pad just near the hood of a stationary car.

Now just get on top of the car and walk to the crash pad, do not jump. With this new trick, several players are going to take advantage of it during rotations. This is all great from a content perspective, but the bigger question still remains. What will Epic Games do to fix the competitive scenario?

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