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Fortnite: SypherPK Talks About The All-New Blitz LTM

Fortnite: SypherPK Talks About The All-New Blitz LTM

Fortnite 13.30 update patch went live this week and has brought a bunch of new elements and LTMs to the game yet again. Most notably, this update has somewhat upped the ante of the game with the expanded collection of quirky and cool skins. Although this update failed to bring vehicles on board, the game has surely set the stage for the addition.

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The game seems to keep losing a lot of its player base from time to time, be it pros, or regular players trying to make it big. A lot of these players have blamed it on the gameplay whereas some have also blamed the community for losing interest in the game.

Luckily enough, with the Blitz LTM on the playlist, looks like there can be hope for this game’s redemption. We have seen how eventually most of the LTM have made their way into the staple playlist. If the same happens with the interesting fast-paced gameplay of the Blitz Mode, players will be in for a treat. The Fortnite pro SypherPK talks about this mode in detail and how it makes the game even more fun.

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 How Blitz LTM could well be Fortnite’s saint of redemption

This Blitz mode is vastly different in terms of the previous ones seen in the game. This LTM offers fast-paced gameplay with a lot of interesting peripheral features. This mode might be a test run for these features.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvI6WewC444]

As we have mentioned enough, this mode has increased the pace of the entire gameplay. For starters, the first circle at the beginning of the games considerably smaller than usual. So the game begins with eliminating a large portion of the playable area after the first shrink. Even the speed at which the final circle closes is insane.

Along with this, the rate with which you can farm for materials increases with each blow of the pickaxe. The walking speed is also higher when you are wielding a pickaxe as opposed to wielding a weapon or a shield. In addition, the prospect of fall damages has greatly reduced in this LTM because you have re-deployable glider. Now you can just jump off heights and use your glider to avoid fall damage. Sypher points out yet another interesting point that can make this LTM a hit, that being the relatively simpler loot pool of the game.

The Blitz LTM carries the elements that can really change the overall feel of the game. This LTM might just be the answer to the sudden upsurges of pros and players just getting fed up and leaving the game at times. Let’s see how this one turns out!

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