Fortnite Teases Another Collab as Predator Joins the Season 5 Hunt

January 13, 2021 11:52 pm

Epic Games has made the second Chapter of Fortnite absolute heaven for pop-culture fans. Chapter 2 Season 4 was an exclusive collaboration with the Marvel Universe. Various popular characters such as Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, and others were available as playable characters to fans. Epic also used them to build immersive lore, which ended fantastically with the Nexus War Showdown.

When fans thought this was the best they could get, Epic introduced ‘The Hunt’ with Season 5. The current season has been full of various stellar collaborations. Starting from The Mandalorian, and Kratos from God of War to the Master Chief from Halo, Fortnite has seen it all. However, Epic Games still feels it isn’t time to stop yet.

Throughout the last week, Epic has hinted at the arrival of another popular character. Joining The Hunt is a fierce hunter from a popular movie franchise. Anyone who saw the latest tweet from Fortnite and is a fan of this series would have guessed the upcoming Fortnite collaboration in a blink of an eye.

Fishsticks welcomes Predator to Fortnite

Throughout the last week, Epic Games has been sending players on missions to find the latest hunter joining the hunt. Three new challenges popped up today, one of which includes finding Predator’s crashed pod.

Following this challenge, Fortnite also posted a short clip from its official Twitter account. In the clip, Fishsticks, a popular character, is seen waving at the crashed pod. The waving clearly means that someone is to come out of the pod, which can be none other than Predator himself.

Although yet another star collaboration is waiting for fans, the Fortnite community is not in the best place, especially the competitive community. With many complaining about the absurdly low prize pools in competitive Fortnite, which now also include shout outs. The departure of NA Fortnite legend Zayt clearly points towards Epic’s failure to hold on to its competitive players.

While the casual sphere of the game is doing well and seems content with the various collaborations, the competitive sphere needs some rejigging if it is to survive this arduous period.

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