Fortnite to Add Highly Anticipated Feature in 2021, Community Approves

December 24, 2020 2:49 pm

Fortnite might be a Battle Royale game, but it is so much different from most other games in the same genre. The factors that make Fortnite different lie in its gameplay. It has unique building tactics that make it all the more fun and difficult at the same time.

Epic Games addressed the community via Twitter and confirmed a long-awaited feature was going to be added to the game. Pro players and casuals have repeatedly asked for this feature to be added to the game.

Fortnite is going to bring back the “disable pre-edits” option to the game sometime next year. Epic admitted that it missed a mark with this option earlier and seeks to rectify it.

Pre-editing simply refers to editing one’s structure before placing it down. Believe it or not, this feature was actually useful back in the day. However, the game has evolved with the community and this one feature has become a nuisance for most players.

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Fortnite community approves of Epic’s problem-solving methods

Pre-editing has been a problem for competitive players for a very long time. Since an integral part of a player’s defense in Fortnite are the builds they are making, anything slightly wrong with it can end with their elimination.

That has exactly been the case in competitive Fortnite multiple times. The pre-edit feature burned pros who repeatedly edit their structures in a game. v15.10 of the game added a feature that helped with pre-edits in the game. Nonetheless, players felt that Epic did not do enough to address the issue.

Therefore, now the community feels happy with the game since they admitted their mistake. Several people replied to the tweet with their approval for the devs acknowledgement of the much needed feature. Every gaming community loves it when their devs listen to their demands on necessary changes required in a game.

This may be the beginning of the era where devs and the player base are in constant communication with each other to inspect elements in the game and fix it when necessary. Epic might argue it is repeatedly solving problems in the game, but all that is just the result of a broken game that needs constant repairing.

One fine example of Fortnite’s broken nature would be the fact that players just lost ‘gold bars’ in the game for simply playing a glitched LTM playlist. While some players got their ‘bars’ back, others did not. All Epic did was ‘apologize for the inconvenience’.

Let us hope the community will forget all of this if Epic keeps up with its promises on social media ‘early next year’.


Avhinandan Chakraborty

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