Fortnite To Possibly Backtrack On SBMM Changes?

May 12, 2020 2:58 pm

Fortnite battle royale has always been at the epicenter of debates. While the recent updates seemingly fixed everything, players are still finding issues to discuss. Recently, Fortnite removed SBMM from squads. This inspired a lot of players to return to the game and try out the new dynamics. However, it brought along a few problems of its own.

One thing that we need to reconsider is the importance of SBMM. While it is an absolute necessity, toning it down would have worked better. The absolute removal of SBMM just increased the magnitude of AI in the game. It also helped people rack up over 40kill streaks. Regardless, SBMM is a necessity because of the comfort zone it offers. 

For any new player starting the game, it is unfair to match with an elite. For obvious reasons, the fight wouldn’t be fair, and it would discourage them from playing anymore. 

TimTheTatMan trying out Fortnite squads

Recently, TimTheTatMan tweeted that he would check out Fortnite. Removing SBMM from squads inspired a lot of registered players to come back and try it out. All of them had positive reviews. However, the lack of SBMM is also creating a lot of problems. While some players cannot survive, others are thriving. 

Tim’s tweet got several comments mentioning the importance of SBMM. For a popular game like Fortnite, it is impossible to imagine the unfairness. Streamers and pro-players complained that the game is not fun anymore, despite Epic doing their best. Now, it might look like people are complaining for the sake of argument. It is imperative to remember that some changes need tweaking and not total removal. 

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Should SBMM be reintroduced in the game?

TimTheTatMan was hinting precisely at this point. Whether SBMM has been added again, the lobbies are decreasing Bots. Recently SypherPK made a video talking about the Bot issue. 

SBMM is quite essential – thus, instead of obliterating it, it needs to be toned down or softened. This will not only encourage new/inexperienced players but also make it competitive enough for elites. 

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