Fortnite: Top 5 Female Skins in The Game

Published 01/27/2021, 6:52 AM EST

When it comes to in-game skins, Fortnite is the frontrunner in the gaming industry. The iconic Battle Royale title has retained its popularity majorly by involving every possible fandom out there in the form of skins as well as the storyline. The game had a Marvel-themed season prior to the current one, and the current season has introduced iconic skins like The Mandalorian and Terminator among many others.


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Over the years, Fortnite has had some very popular female skins in the game, with the latest addition being that of Sarah Connor from the Terminator universe.


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Top 5 female skins to have ever graced Fortnite


Aura has been a part of the Fortnite skin roster for quite a long time now. This skin is available in the game for 800 V-Bucks if you want to give it a try. One of the most iconic skins in the game, Aura remains one of the most popular skins in the game. This just goes on to show exactly how amazing it is. A simple, charming woman who packs quite a punch. We can see why Aura would still be a favorite for players.


Manic is perhaps one of the best skins to ever grace the game. Her face mask and tattoos radiate her “no-nonsense” aura. Like Aura, the Manic skin is available for 800 V-Bucks as well. Equipping this skin might just give you the pump you need to wreak havoc in the game.

Mogul Master

Now, this is one skin set that almost everybody tried to grind for. One of the coolest looking skins in the game, the Mogul Master skin offers you a range of edit styles to choose from. However, the only downside to grabbing all the edit styles is that the entire pack is quite expensive (1,500 V-Bucks) and you might have to grind for it.

Superhero skins

Nope, we are not talking about the female superhero skins from DC or Marvel comics that Epic introduced into Fortnite. We are talking about the Superhero Skin bundle that graced the game some time ago.

Those who have seen it might remember how sick the female versions of the skins were! The minimalistic designs on these skins were off the charts in terms of looks, and we could not help but imagine them as comic book characters.



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Now, many might argue about this one but we just had to add this one to the list. Siren, with her corporate attire and her eyepatch, simply spells B-A-D-A-S-S. We could picture her fighting off a squad of ninjas and also picture her fighting mercenaries armed to the teeth. Love her or hate her, you just cannot change our mind about this one.

Special Mention: Sarah Connor

Keeping all the confusion regarding the iconic T-800 skin aside, we believe the Sarah Connor skin to be one of the best skins to ever be added to the game. The woman who can turn killing robots into piles of scrap metal is someone we definitely want to dress up as while we get ready to claim the Fortnite map for ourselves.


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What’s your favorite female skin in the game?

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