Fortnite: Twitter Users Call Epic Games Out Over Event Viewership Stack

June 19, 2020 9:25 pm

The concurrent streaming record was set by League of Legends, at 1.7 million views on Twitch. This was during the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, which was unprecedented at the time. Fortnite has now broken this concurrent streaming record on Twitch, with 2.3 million viewers. This has blown the previous record out of the water. The feat, however, came with a lot of controversies.

The Fortnite event ‘The Device’, which blew up the Fortnite island, was open to players to view from within the game. The in-game event was capped at 12 million players, which was reached almost immediately. Fortnite boasts some of the largest levels of engagement with players, so filling up 12 million slots was not hard at all. 

Fortnite event deliberately capped?

It has now been speculated that Epic Games actually put on the hard cap, to drive players to watch the stream of the event through Twitch and YouTube.

The controversy caught more traction, once players realized that the player entry cap was much higher for the recent Travis Scott concert last April. Fans are now stating that Epic deliberately put on a cap on ‘The Device’ event server, to force a large number of players to witness the event via stream.

This is a huge blemish on an otherwise successful event, to say the least.


Players and critics of the event are now of the opinion that if there wasn’t any cap on the event in-game, then the Twitch streaming record wouldn’t be close to being broken.

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The League of Legends Championship was one where the average players could not access the game. However, these numbers were of pure viewership. Since there was a cap on servers, the same cannot be said about Fortnite.

Players all over the world complained of not getting into the game to watch the event. Moreover, most players could not access the event even after waiting for 30 minutes in the queue.

Regardless of whether the record was legitimate or not, Fortnite is by no means a dead or dying game. The number of people accessing the event through the game speaks for itself. 

Stay tuned to this space for updates on the situation.

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