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Fortnite Update 13.20: Flare Gun Receding Water and More

Fortnite Update 13.20: Flare Gun Receding Water and More


The latest update for Fortnite battle royale is here with a new gun, some fixes, and a new item. The flare gun was one weapon that Epic has been teasing for a while. Finally, it has arrived in the game, although it might be a little different from what we expected.

Update 13.20 will also see the vehicles being introduced in the game. A few days ago, we learned that Captain America’s shield got added to the game files. Most likely, it will be available in the game in the first week of July. However, it is still unsure whether we will get his skin along with it.

With all the new skins, comes another new feature which we have been waiting for. The cars, they will finally be available for driving around. They will obviously need to be refueled; thus, the pumping station icon will perhaps be activated.

Fortnite latest update version 13.20

The center of attention remains to be the flare gun, which was teased since the 2019 world cup. There were several guesses about what the exact function of the gun would be. The flare distribution around the map is a little uneven, and players have been raising that issue. Its functionality seems to be related to the fire theme, where the weapon does some fire damage. 

The key feature of interest about this is, when you shoot the flare pointing at the sky, it scans the area for enemies. It actually shows you the enemies and their location for a brief while. Besides the flare, there was also some chatter about a new limited time mode(LTM). This would be one where players can race their cars in Fortnite. 

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Tons of new materials added in the game, including a deployable upgrade station

There are tons of new emotes and skins being added to the game. The most significant ones include the Renegade dance by Tik Tok influencer Charli D’amelio. The loot marauders drops have been increased substantially. So Epic has done a comprehensive change with respect to every sector. 

The upgrade station can now be carried in your inventory. This new item will definitely attract a lot of players, as they wouldn’t have to search for one all over the map. So far we know that the water level will be receding and several new areas would be revealed after that. For now, the best we can do is wait and see what Epic Games plans to do with version 13.20. 

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