Fortnite: Verifying 10 In-Game Myths

Published 05/17/2021, 2:39 PM EDT

There are very few multiplayer titles out there that feature a multitude of gameplay elements like Fortnite does. Epic Games keeps adding more and more exciting content to the game in the form of collaborations and crossover events, thus bringing fans from various pop-culture fandoms under the Fortnite umbrella. This is one of the reasons why the game has managed to stay this popular as a brand. Epic Games strives to ensure that the title stays relevant in the minds of the community, which is no mean feat, since it is one of the first titles of its kind.


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With this many gameplay elements, players are sure to get creative, which is also the point of playing Fortnite. As a result, players have come up with various combinations and strategies that have led to unique gameplay styles.

There are a huge number of potential combos and strategies that the community keeps suggesting to the players. However, a lot of these have later turned out to be false. Here is a list of ten myths and whether they are really valid.


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Verifying 10 in-game myths in Fortnite

Combining Hop Fish with a Grapple Bow basically makes you Spider-Man

Hop Fish grants players the ability to jump while being in mid-air. A lot of players in the community thought that using a grapple bow to raise themselves in the air and utilizing Hop Fish’s abilities would function like Spider-Man’s web-swinging abilities. Turns out, this one actually works.

Levitating with Off-Road Tires

This is more of a glitch exploit than a strategy. However, this one actually works. Achieve some height with your build, place a gas can on the floor, and slam some off-road tires on it. Now, if you climb up the tires and destroy the build you are on, the tires will still float, and so will you.

Can Raptors Rocket ride?

Long story short, yes they can. If you want, you can try this out yourself. Get your Raptor on a trampoline, let it jump, and while it is at a height, fire a rocket below its feet. It is actually quite fun!

Replacing popped tires with Off-road ones

This one can come in quite handy during matches. Basically, if your car gets a flat, you can replace them with the Off-road tires currently available in the game.

Raptors can levitate inside the Steamy Stacks reactors

Since the rocket-riding trick works on Raptors, we thought, why wouldn’t this? Well, sorry for the letdown, but if you guide the Raptors to the chimneys, they will just stand on the purple liquid.

Bouncing off NPCs with a Launchpad

This can be an innovative escape route if you are being chased by an NPC. You can always fling yourself away from the situation using a Launchpad. Turns out, you can do the same with the NPCs as well.

Transporting NPCs through their own Rifts

Rift NPCs are one of the latest additions in Fortnite. You can purchase and activate Rifts from them. However, if you can lead one such NPC to its own Rift, it will transport the NPC as well!

Hiring a Fortnite NPC to fight a Spire Guard

Long story short, you can hire a Fortnite NPC to fight a Spire Guard, like Raz. However, they do not have enough HP count to survive the fight, leaving the Spire Guard victorious.


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Copying unreleased skins using Mystique’s shapeshifter emote

Those familiar with the X-Men comics know that the mutant Mystique has the ability to shapeshift into anyone she wants. In Fortnite, the character can recreate this ability using the shapeshifter emote, which lets you take the form of the last enemy you killed. You can use this to take the form of an NPC as well, like Orelia, whose skin is not yet available to players.

Can you heal your tamed animals in Fortnite?


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As it turns out, you can use all the healing items in the game on an animal once you have tamed it. Now your pet Raptor can accompany you throughout the match.

Well, looks like not all the myths going around the community are valid. But wouldn’t that be something?

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