Fortnite World Champ Bugha is “Hacking” and Getting Away With It

November 2, 2020 12:17 am

Yes. That’s right. Winner of the first Fortnite World Championship, Bugha admitted to “hacking.” However, he will not face any consequences. The primary reason behind this is Bugha doesn’t really use any third-party software. Instead, his cheat is more of a ‘life-hack’.

Bugha has figured out how to use ‘double movement’ in Fortnite with no software. All he needs to do is use some electrical tape and plastic. Using these, he can tweak his keyboard, which allows him to use double movement in the game.

Bugha exposed this trick in a recent stream and explained how it works. A lot of fans don’t mind this and are actually fascinated by it. However, many others, including pro players like NRG Zayt, believe that this should qualify as cheating.

Bugha feels Epic would allow his trick in Fortnite World Champs

After Bugha’s livestream, many players questioned the legality of his actions. Moreover, the bigger question was, would Epic let this slide if he did this in the world championships? People argued that just because Bugha is playing tournaments from his home right now, he can get away with it. Even Zayt led the opinion that Epic would definitely ban this if he tried it in a LAN tournament.

Bugha believes that it is cheating only when players are using third-party software. He is adamant that tweaking his keyboard using household items is perfectly legal. He also reiterated the fact that Epic had allowed him to make similar changes to his mouse in the previous World Championship.

Moreover, Bugha also criticized everyone who had called him out by saying they have “slow brains.” 

Players urged Epic to issue a statement on the matter soon. Both fans and critics of Bugha await a judgment. His fans wouldn’t want Bugha spending months practicing with the setup, then finally showing up to the WC and being told that he can’t use it. On the other hand, others will be interested in knowing if Epic will tolerate such tweaks in official tournaments so they can start using them as well.

All in all, until Epic clears the air about the issue, Bugha will get away with murder. But then again, it’s hardly the reigning champion’s fault.

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