Fortnite X NFL Is Set To Return Before This Year’s Super Bowl Too

January 5, 2021 12:54 am

Prior to the National Football League’s most famous event, the Superbowl, the NFL Player’s Association took to Twitter to remind us of the reprisal of a popular event. Long-time Fortnite fans might know of the NFL x Fortnite event that took place last year in January before the Super Bowl. As it turns out, this year will be no different.

Fans might already know of the partnership between NFL and Epic Games. By extension, they must also know of Rocket League and Epic’s iconic Battle Royale title. Back in January last year, Twitch Rivals hosted a Fortnite event where top pro players of the game competed alongside NFL players. Last year’s event saw FN pro Clix and Tarik Cohen of the Chicago Bears securing the top rank.

A recent tweet by the National Football League Player’s Association announced subtly that the qualifiers have begun for the upcoming event. They also let the community know that NFL Pros have already begun participating in it. As of now, the Atlanta Falcons Quarterback, Kurt Benkert, is topping the leaderboard. Washington Football Team’s wide receiver Trey Quinn is at second place.

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NFL x Fortnite returns after the extension of their partnership

Last November, NFL announced that they will extend their partnership with Epic Games. As a result, skins inspired by all the NFL teams became available in Fortnite.

Without a doubt, the NFL x Fortnite event comes as a lovely aftermath to the extension of this partnership. The partnership also includes Rocket League, after Epic Games came to own its developers, Psyonix, in 2019.

With this collaboration in the world of sports and eSports, Epic Games might have found yet another way to boost Fortnite’s popularity. Although FN being on the verge of dying is a highly debated topic, Epic finds new ways to fuel the game’s popularity and keep it relevant.

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