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Fortnite: YouTuber Exposes Player For Using Cheats

Fortnite: YouTuber Exposes Player For Using Cheats


SerpentAU is a Fortnite player for the Oceania roster of Overtime Gaming. Known for his speedy build-edit skills, he is also a Fortnite content creator with over 510k subscribers on Youtube. Last month, Serpent provided evidence that alleged fellow Australian pro, Kai “Kquid” Eaton, of cheating in Fortnite, after Epic Games banned the 14-year old mid-game during the FNCS Invitational.

Now, the tides seem to have turned. Evidence has emerged that alleges the player for Overtime Gaming of cheating. Fortnite content creator for Team Parallel (Oceania), EJ, in his latest YouTube video, has called out Serpent for using macros and aimbot in the game.

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SerpentAU under fire for using cheats in Fortnite

In the video, EJ (EJLad on YouTube) provided several proofs that support his claims. Before beginning with the expose, he said that he has “nothing against Serpent as a person” who is “probably a great bloke in real life.“. However, when it comes to gaming, EJ called him “a dirty little cheater” and “the Lance Armstrong of Fortnite.

To provide a clear picture, he started by explaining how easy it is to set up a macro. A macro is a key-bind shortcut that enables someone to perform multiple actions by pressing that specific key. EJ showed Serpent’s in-game settings, where he had two distinct key binds for building edits. He stated that on pressing one of those key-binds, the sequence of actions designated to the macro bind initiates.

The member of Team Parallel then provided several old screenshots of Serpent engaging in a conversation to learn about macro. Apparently, the person showed him how to utilize it. EJ went on to underline the corresponding dates of the conversation and a consequent YouTube video, that Serpent uploaded. He shows off his insanely fast building edits in that video.

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Serpent called out for using macros and aimbot

Additionally, EJ provided a detailed analysis of a clip in slow motion, alleging Serpent of using macros and aimbot for pulling off 360s. After that, he shared another video in which the player for Overtime Gaming is present in the discord server of an infamous Fortnite hacker/modder. Furthermore, on contacting the modder, he shared a link to EJ for the same video he analyzed, confirming Serpent’s cheats.

Finally, the member of Team Parallel showcased several other clips, frame-by-frame, accusing Serpent of utilizing macros and aimbot. EJ concluded that none of these proofs are necessarily concrete. He added, “this video isn’t made to destroy Serpent but more to show that there are macro users and cheaters out there.”

SerpentAU hasn’t responded to the allegations yet.

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