From Bugha to benjyfishy, Here are the Best Fortnite Players of 2020

Published 12/24/2020, 7:50 AM EST

Over the years, Fortnite has successfully hosted a very active competitive scenario that comprises some of the most skilled Esports athletes in the world. Even though the Coronavirus pandemic severely affected LAN tournaments, certain players still made a name for themselves in 2020.


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Players who dominated Fortnite Competitive in 2020

100 Thieves’ young prodigy MrSavage has been one of the most sought after professional players in the Fortnite community. As per Fortnite Tracker, the player has qualified for the World Cup 4 times and has already won over $170,000 through 28 victories in competitive tournaments.


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He has maintained a  4.71 K/D ratio, having played over 20,000 matches.

These are some tournaments through which the 16-year-old professional proved his worth in 2020:

  • Contender Clash Cup Round 1- #1
  • Contender Clash Cup Round 2- #1
  • Champion Cash Cup- #1
  • FNCS Warmup-#2
  • FNCS Week 1- #1
  • DreamHack Online Open Semi Finals-#3
  • Chopper’s Champions Cup-#4
  • FNCS Finals- #3 (#8 in Cumulative Leaderboard)
  • EU Encore- #3
  • DreamHack Online Open Semi Finals (December 20)- #2

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Another bright name in the European region is MCES Andilex. With over 18,000 career matches, he boasts a 4.79 K/D. Unsurprisingly, he has earned over $200,000 through 26 tournament victories this year.

The following wins in the FNCS and several other tournaments make him a top contender to be the best player in the world:

  • FNCS Season Finals- #2
  • Daily Duos Cup- #2
  • FNCS Invitational Week 1 (May)- #5
  • Contender Cash Cup Round 2- #2
  • Champion Cash Cup- #2
  • FNCS Qualifier 3- #4
  • FNCS Warmup- #5
  • Week 3 FNCS (October)- #1
  • FNCS Heat 3- #1
  • FNCS Heats Cumulative Leaderboard- #1
  • EU Encore- #1

NRG benjyfishy has solidified his place as one of the best Fortnite players in the European region. He has played over 14,000 matches in his career and maintained a solid 3.96 K/D ratio. With 44 tournament wins, he has earned over $400,000.

Following are some of his most noticeable achievements in 2020:

  • Platform Cash Cup Round 2 – #1
  • FNCS Invitational Week 1 (May) – #1
  • FNCS Invitational Week 2 – #1
  • Daily Trios Cup- #1
  • FNCS Qualirfier 1 -#3
  • FNCS Qualifier 2- #1
  • Season Finals FNCS- #4
  • FNCS Warmup- #2
  • DreamHack Online Open Semi Finals-#6
  • DreamHack Online Open Finals- #3

While MrSavage dominated the Fortnite competitive scene in Europe, Diego “Arkhram” Lima took over the NA West region. He has played over 13,000 matches in his career and maintained a 3.90 K/D. Back in 2019, he won the Fortnite World Cup with Ceice and Elevate, and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Owing to a staggering 46 tournament victories, Arkhram has earned over $150,000 this year. Here are the most noteworthy wins by the 17-year-old professional:

  • FNCS Week 1 (March)- #1
  • Contender Cash Cup Solo-#3
  • FNCS Season Finals (April)- #1
  • Platform Cash Cup Round 2- #1
  • FNCS Invitational Week 2- #2
  • FNCS Invitational Finals- #1
  • DreamHack Online Open Heat 2- #4
  • DreamHack Online Open Finals- #1
  • FNCS Season Finals (August)- #1
  • FNCS Week 1 and 2 (October)- #1
  • Cumulative Leaderboard FNCS Finals- #1

Honorable Mentions

Before crowning the Player of the Year, there are certain names who deserve an honorable mention in the list:

  • NRG EpikWhalelol– 54 wins with over $140,000 earnings in NA West.
  • Ep wavylol– 38 wins with over $100,000 earnings in NA West.
  • bestplayertayson– 18 wins with over $200,000 earnings in EU.

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Following his victory in the Fortnite World Cup Solos, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf has shown unbelievable consistency in every Fortnite tournament that he’s been a part of. He has dominated the NA East region in 2020, beating other pros like NRG Clix by a huge margin.


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He boasts an overall 3.58 K/D in over 14,000 matches. While he earned a hefty $3 million from the Fortnite World Cup alone, he has added over $150,000 with 15 victories in 2020.

  • Solo Week 1- #1
  • Trios Cash Cup- #1
  • Trios Season Finals- #1
  • Solos Cash Cup- #1
  • Squads FNCS Week 1- #4
  • FNCS Season Finals- #1
  • Contender Cash Cup Solo- #2
  • FNCS Season Finals-#2
  • FNCS Qualifier 2- #2
  • DreamHack Online Open Finals- #2
  • FNCS Warmup- #1
  • Cumulative Leaderboard FNCS Week 2- #2
  • Cumulative Leaderboard FNCS Heats- #1
  • Chopper’s Champions Cup- #2


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To say the least, 2020 was one of the most exciting years for Fortnite Competitive. Every tournament showcased fierce competition between pros around the world and was a delight for the fans to watch.


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