From Michael Jordan to Lebron James, Most Expensive Sneaker Deals in NBA

January 8, 2020 12:29 pm

The shoe grip makes noise on the basketball court as the players take a 3 pointer from afar. The NBA court has sounds from the sticking grip of sneakers to the swish of the ball going in the basket. In all the things combines, sneakers are one of the most exciting and interesting things to deal with.

Players from all over the teams’ sign deal with their respective sports companies to get them the best of the best shoes. Sneaker deals are a huge endorsement for the players right now. The players get comfort while the companies get their advertisement.

There are some amazing and extremely expensive sneaker deals in the NBA. Let’s have a look at the top 5.

  1. Michael Jordan (Nike)

One of the best and the most expensive deal of sneakers include none other than Michael Jordan. The basketball star launched his own line of shoes called Air Jordan in 1984 when Nike first offered him a deal. Even after the superstar’s retirement, the brand is still going strong.

The current worth of the deal signed is a whopping $130 Million. This is the most expensive sneaker deal in the history of the NBA. The deal was struck 35 years ago and yet they rule the basketball sneaker market and are considered the very best in the business.

  1. LeBron James (Nike)

King James is one of the most popular NBA stars and his deals are equally popular. LeBron James got in touch with Nike and he became an amazingly expensive sponsorship deal. Although no one can come close to the deal Jordan has, LeBron is still the second contender in the list.

Nike deal that he has signed amounts to $32 million. The sum is very low in comparison to Jordan but it is still an expensive deal. LeBron has signed a lifetime deal with the apparel company which will make him extremely rich in the coming years.

  1. Kevin Durant (Nike)

Another one of Nike’s stars as Kevin Durant is also a member of the famous expensive sneaker deal club. The player has also signed with Nike and has his own Durant franchise which Nike releases as a special series.

The deal of Durant stands at $26 million which places him 3rd in the list. His Durant series franchise has grown double digits in 2019 reaching its own new highs.

  1. Stephen Curry (Under Armour)

Stephen Curry has introduced Under Armour in basketball and for an expensive price. The Golden State Warrior’s point guard is the player who got into a deal with a completely different line. This made him the Under Armour’s main guy as Curry represents the company since 2013.

The sneaker deal he signed is worth $20 million. This kind of money places him 4th on the list. The timing was good for the owner as Curry was not a part of All-Star as he had won a few MVPs. Curry also got his line of shoe series by the company itself.

  1. Kobe Bryant (Nike)

Nike claims another star as Kobe Bryant is also the player who has been a part of their sneaker sponsorship deal. Nike released some limited edition sneakers in the name of Bryant when he retired in 2016.

The deal with Bryant is worth $16 million as he comes at no.5 on the list. The limited-edition series of Bryant is still a pretty big hit in China. They are a hot commodity as the Bryant series of Nike earns a lot there.


All these players have been given a huge amount of money and their own line of shoe series. Yet, Michael Jordan stands out of them all with almost 4 times the lead from the LeBron James endorsements.

Sneakers continue to be the market and endorsement platform for the NBA stars and likely to continue the same way.


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