From Ninja and Tfue to Clix and Bugha, SypherPK Picks the Best Fortnite Players Ever

January 14, 2021 11:22 pm

Over the three years of its release, Fortnite has built an enormous community of over 350 million players. Despite several peaks and valleys, it is still one of the biggest games in the world. Several content creators and professional players have been playing the battle royale tirelessly since 2017, and that is a major reason behind this continuous success.

Alongside casual gameplay, Epic Games has also emphasized on evolving Fortnite’s competitive scene. A lot of skilled players have made a name for themselves during this time; however, some have mastered their skills to unmatched levels.

Being an old player himself, Twitch streamer SypherPK recently picked his best Fortnite players of all time:

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Players that carried Fortnite to prominence from the grass-root level

Fortnite certainly offers a lot more than just gun-fights. Its meta includes building and editing structures that further pave the way for countless playing strategies. Even though such complex play styles have become common now, players struggled to build and take gun fights simultaneously back in the day.

Regardless, veterans like Ninja and Tfue took on these challenges and set new benchmarks for other players in the community. Fans around the world still associate Fortnite with both these players and look forward to witnessing their return.

New players carrying Fortnite’s competitive scene

Following the footsteps of Ninja and Tfue, a lot of new players have now emerged in Fortnite competitive. Spread across several regions in the world, these young guns prove that hard work always yields the best results.

First up is the winner of the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in solos, Bugha. SypherPK claims, “He was definitely the greatest player in the world when he won the World Cup . There is no doubt about it.” 

SypherPK admitted that Benjyfishy is also one of his favorite players in the community. He admires benjy’s aiming, building mechanics, and most importantly, his ability to perform under pressure.

It is no surprise that FaZe clan’s Mongraal and NRG’s Clix have also made SypherPK’s list. Both the young prodigies have impressed the streamer with their confidence and game sense.

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Do you agree with SypherPK’s best Fortnite players ever?

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