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Funniest F1 Commercials of all-Time

Funniest F1 Commercials of all-Time

One vital part of being a sportsperson is promoting one’s self in front of the masses. One way to do that is by appearing in commercials to promote sponsors and help sell products. Formula One drivers are not exempted from this duty and have to appear in advertisements. Sometimes, the commercials, featuring the F1 drivers can range from cringe-worthy to downright hilarious. So, without further ado, here are some of the funniest commercials featuring F1 drivers.

Canberra Milk

This was a hilarious commercial featuring then Red Bull driver Mark Webber. The Australian driver was advertising a local milk brand called Canberra Milk. The video featured him singing a song about being a ‘Canberra Milk kid’.


This commercial was based in France and is advertising German conglomerate, Siemens. In the ad, then McLaren driver, David Coulthard is shown stopping at a salon to have a shave. The confused owner asked him, whether he was still in the race, to which Coulthard affirmed positively. After a quick job, he then rejoins to carry on his merry way and eventually win the race.

IWC Watches

Back when they were still on good terms with each other, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton appeared together in a Mercedes commercial. The commercial was advertising the wristwatch brand IWC. Hamilton was shown in the Mercedes factory, having a video chat with Rosberg in the IWC factory. They challenged each other to see who could build their product faster.

While the car was assembled fairly quickly, saying that the watch took forever, was an understatement. By the time the watch was finished, both drivers had ‘grown a bushy beard’.



Any ad which features Kimi Raikkonen is bound to be funny, in its own way. And this ad from Hartwall, one of Finland’s most popular alcoholic beverage features Kimi and his insanely famous dialogue. Only watching the video will make you realise it.

Mobil 1

In this advert, McLaren driver Jenson Button and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart were talking about the importance of stretching. They also spoke about the importance of lubricating engines with the help of Mobil 1.


In this commercial, the then Red Bull drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel were talking about the Hungarian GP. Or, at least they were trying to. The two were playing a game where they had to describe words associated with the circuit. Things went swimmingly well until Ricciardo said, “Darude”, to which Vettel burst out laughing.


In this video, a couple were stranded after their car broke down. The woman was pregnant and needed to be rushed to the hospital. Cue Nico Rosberg pulling up, with Michael Schumacher close behind. And then the debate began as to which F1 driver should take them to the hospital. Naturally, it ended in a stalemate as neither could make a decision and the two drivers helplessly stood there.

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