The Funniest Football Parody Accounts on Twitter

October 12, 2015 4:35 pm

The more tech-savvy among football fans are always sure to check Twitter for reliable transfer market speculation and activity, and line-ups, predictions and on-the-go updates on match days. In the recent past, another source of entertainment has burst onto the scene in the micro-blogging universe, namely, parody accounts of those in the football world with their own idiosyncrasies or colourful tendencies. Herein we take a look at some of the funniest and most popular parody accounts to have caught the eye:

1. Evil Kagawa

(@evilkagawa): The Japanese midfield wizard was considered a good, young buy with enormous potential on his signing by Manchester United in 2012 from Borussia Dortmund, with a fee of 25 million pounds. However, his Old Trafford career was somewhat of a mixed bag: despite winning the title, Kagawa was never a force majeure for Sir Alex’s last season and under David Moyes, playing in an unaccustomed position on the wing, failed to impress and was regularly subbed off. His return to Dortmund spawned one of the first such parody accounts, wherein the recurring theme of Kagawa mocking, threatening or offering sarcastic advice to his former club and teammates became a norm. The tweets have ironic and subtle undertones, as seen in the sample tweets below.


2. Boring James Milner

(@boringmilner): Following successful spells at Newcastle and Aston Villa, Milner’s move to Man City provided him with the success proportional to his undeniable on-field talent. With stamina bordering on superhuman and accuracy and efficiency his evident watchwords in-game, Milner provided some wonderful entertainment on the pitch and continues to do so as vice-captain of Liverpool today. The same, however, cannot be said of his interviews and generally, his interactions with the media, which were, in contrast to his image on the pitch, shy, reserved and cautiously worded. This mismatch spawned the Boring Milner account, wherein the OP posts the most trivial of situations in everyday life from Milner’s perspective to hilarious effect. Quandaries at the home front (with some marvellous exchanges with the likes of Asda) or superfluous conversations with managers or teammates constitute the modus operandi of this account.

3. Deluded Brendan Rodgers

(@DeludedBrendan): Possibly the most famous parody account active today, the premise has been capitalising, perhaps a bit unfairly, on some of the gaffes or unfortunately worded quotes the Irishman has made, especially since his appointment as Liverpool manager. And albeit there is no denying that Rodgers is a sharp tactician with a long and bright career potentially ahead of him, the branding of Joe Allen as the “Welsh Xavi” and some questionable transfer market moves had made him easy fodder for banter specialists. This particular account has seen widespread acclaim and fame (rather, infamy, with football pundits mentioning the account on live TV), with the OP now looking to broaden his spectrum from Facebook to custom-made mugs, t-shirts and memorabilia. That said, though, the account treads perfectly on the right side of the fine line between banter and abuse, as shown in some sample tweets below.

Special Mention – Zlatan Facts

(@ZlatanFacts): Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a footballer with immense talent that sees him as still one of the best strikers in the world at age 34, and an equally immense ego that seem him as one of the most lovingly mocked personalities in the footballing world. Zlatan Facts is an account that builds upon the same, with Chuck Norris-esque feats in the realms of daily life that go beyond and sometimes, admittedly, in parallel with the astonishing feats the Swede still manages to do on the football field. Little more explanation is required after seeing some of the perfectly phrased tweets that have gained a huge fan following on Twitter and Facebook, with #ZlatanFacts trending largely on Ligue 1 matchdays.

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