Galactus vs Marvel Superheroes: Who Will Win the Biggest Fortnite Event Ever?

November 23, 2020 5:00 pm

Following months of anticipation, the Fortnite community will finally face Galactus on December 1, 2020. Over the past few months, several superheroes have reached the island, and have assembled to save it. Naturally, their battle with the cosmic entity will be bigger than ever.

Owing to the massive hype for the event, fans around the world have been racking their brains to speculate its result.

ShiinaBR, on Twitter, asked the fans, “Who do you think will win the event battle?”

Over 35,000 people voted, and 67.1% of the fans believe Galactus will emerge victorious in the Nexus War.

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Implications of Galactus winning the biggest Fortnite event ever

Fortnite’s collaboration with Marvel has been an astounding success so far. It incorporates some of the best skins, mythic abilities, and limited-time events that the community has ever seen. Also, Epic Games has been frequent with the updates and the fans recognize this effort on the studio’s part.

It is no surprise Fortnite had been losing a huge chunk of its users from the past few months. The skilled players blamed the SBMM, and casual players blamed the ‘faulty’ game meta. However, the latest Fortnite season seems to have dissolved such dilemmas, witnessing a lot of veterans returning to the game and even appreciating it.

Hence, it is safe to assume that Epic Games would not want to break this momentum. If Galactus wins the upcoming event, it would lay a solid foundation for Season 5 of the game; accordingly, more and more users could comeback and rejoice in Fortnite.

A lot of skins like Nick Fury, Black Panther, and Mystique’s Dual Pistols, among others, are yet to be a part of the game. From the looks of it, these skins might arrive in Fortnite if the Marvel storyline continues in Season 5.

What if the heroes succeed?

To say the least, the Marvel superheroes winning the Nexus War won’t be a shocker because it is an ideal ending to a great season. However, that would also mean the end of the Marvel Fortnite collaboration.

Since the beginning of the season, fans have been on the watch for Galactus’ arrival on the island. On the flip side, even the developers left no stone unturned to promote the event.

If not the Marvel storyline, the developers will have to choose a new theme for the upcoming season. Considering the success of the current season, it’s unlikely Epic would want to discontinue it.

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What do you think about Season 5 of Fortnite? Will the Marvel superheroes defeat the Devourer of Worlds and save the fate of all reality?

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