Gambhir gleans MS Dhoni from the coterie of skippers

April 28, 2017 10:38 am

In the latest edition of IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders has been trading on their unbeaten streak with the hegemony of Captain Gautam Gambhir. Under the umbrella of his leadership KKR is now on reaping the benefits of being top of the table. His captaincy has fabricated a new benchmark in IPL throughout the years. That grandeur can be put into reflection through his two title triumphs in the history of IPL.

Gambhir expressed his expansion in leadership scale has been beefed up because of the skippers he has played under in the past. Recently while he was conversing with Jatin Sapru for Star Sports India, he was asked to name the skipper under whom he enjoyed playing the most. In reciprocal to this question he asserted that he was fortunate enough to get a chance of playing under the best captains of Indian Cricket team which led him talk about Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, Rahul Dravid, MS Dhoni and finally Virat Kohli. Although he played few Test Cricket matches under the captaincy of Kohli, which turned out to be a futile outing as he was unable to retain his position in the team for that particular Test series. At the end of the conversation, he landed up with a shocking revelation of Indian former captain MS Dhoni as his best captain to play under. Gambhir was a part of the Dhoni-led side to India’s most memorable title triumphs of all time, one was ICC Twenty Twenty World Cup, 2007 and other one was ICC World Cup, 2011. In both historical victories for India, Gambhir played his decisive knock which somewhere remained untrodden in his mind till now, hence the umbrella of Dhoni’s leadership will always be highly exalted by Gambhir.

Digging into the past there is a well-known animosity that had been piling up from ages. Post World Cup 2011, with Gambhir’s departure from the team ,the crowd went berserk on MS Dhoni as it was believed that his (Gambhir) expulsion from national team had been maneuvered by him (Dhoni). After this above revelation from Gambhir, all those speculations have been put to rest.

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