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Game Breaking Glitches Of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Game Breaking Glitches Of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Fortnite battle royale Chapter 2 Season 4 has fulfilled many wishes for the community. However, it has also brought out several glitches. Usually, when these glitches are not checked early on, players tend to take advantage of them. Season 3 had its fair share of these, but Season 4 brings something new to the domain of glitches.

Top5Gaming made a video explaining the glitches present in Season 4. The critical question to ask here is how Epic is covering up their flaws. The competitive scene is in shambles and pro players aren’t happy with the inclusions in season 4. Even the content creators have expressed their discontent with the collaborative storyline. 

Epic Games have pulled off a neat trick by associating with Marvel. However, even teaming up with tech genius Tony Stark didn’t rid the game of its glitches. 

Fortnite Season 4 glitches ruining the game 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_91CabFWno]

Imagine having a glitch in the game that gives players unlimited wins. While that thought registers, imagine having an invisibility glitch. To top it all off, is the teleportation glitch to top it off. all three glitches are the stuff a Fortnite player’s dreams are made of.  

When a player activates Groot’s Bramble Shield and runs towards a teammate, it sends the teammate flying upon collision. Sometimes, it even teleports the teammate to the other side of the map. 

The next glitch has to do with the God Of Thunder Emote along with the Thor cosmetics. If one turns on the graphics settings to high and then uses the emote in low preset, it creates rings of thunder. It looks quite fascinating and leaves a trail of thunder along the path.

The stream near Steamy Stacks is another spot where a certain glitch is being taken advantage of. Players can hide underwater here. This doesn’t affect their health whatsoever and serves as an excellent place for an ambush. 

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The unlimited victory glitch

The Stark Robots added in the game come with a knocked-hack system. This allows players to hack into any robot that they have knocked. However, if a player gets killed right after a hacking, the game offers them a free win.

It’s glitches like these that are giving Fortnite a bad name. As some of these glitches are quite game-breaking, players have already started taking advantage of them. Hopefully, Epic Games will release a patch for them soon enough.


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