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Gaming Community at Loggerheads Over the Best Among Us Map

Gaming Community at Loggerheads Over the Best Among Us Map

Among Us was introduced to the world back in 2018, but became a blockbuster earlier this year. Players from around the world have been accusing each other of murder for a while now.

Among Us has been downloaded over 100 million times and has over 60 million daily active users. While these numbers are impressive and speak for themselves, InnerSloth’s title has also become one of the most-watched games on Twitch.

As successful as the title is, some players have also challenged it in terms of the content it offers. To combat this problem, several players have tweaked the in-game settings to be a part of enthralling games every time.

One of the major decisions the players have to make is the choice of map. While there are a couple of options available, ‘The Skeld’ remains unbeatable.

Why ‘The Skeld’ is the best map in Among Us

The Skeld, unlike any other maps, gives the players a chance of controlling the flow of the game. Though both MIRA HQ and Polus gives the imposer enough chances to sabotage the game, the reactor and 02 sabotage let the imposter restrict the players to a point on the map of his choice.

The cafeteria is the central location of The Skeld and that is where the map begins. This more or less avoids early kills and lets the players roam around freely before the imposter can even make his move.

The other two maps make it easier for the imposter to remain unsuspected and can be quite tedious for new players. Every player feels differently on this topic, allowing players from all over the world to go at it on Twitter.

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The devs announced a few days back that a new map is currently under development. This might add more spice to the debate, as a new map will also bring possibilities for more interesting content.

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