“A Curious Mix”: Fortnite Fans High-Spirited for a ‘Mickey Mouse Collaboration’

Published 01/02/2024, 6:24 AM EST

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The latest Disney news has sparked theories around a Mickey Mouse merger with Fortnite. While the fans have been rooting to see the evergreen Disney character in the tactical shooter for a long time, it might actually be happening this year. At least the fans hope so as they have a significant reason to add value to the ‘Mickey Mouse Fortnite’ skin speculation.

Epic Games’ iconic Battle Royale is no stranger to some elite-class collaborations. In fact, looking back at 2023, Fortnite brought a long list of unexpected collaborations, including the much-awaited LEGO collab, top-tier celebrity skins, and of course, Eminem. Now it could be time for Disney’s most beloved character. And since the character is public domain, there are no roadblocks.

Mickey Mouse free to join Forntite


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Recently, a character design of Mickey Mouse from the Disney saga was made public domain. In simple terms, the design is open access to developers and agencies. Being copyright-free, the brands using the design wouldn’t owe any royalty to Disney. As the news of Mickey’s public domain hit the web, Fortnite fans quickly started speculating about a possible Mickey Mouse skin in the game. 

There’s no denying the fact that Fortnite doesn’t leave a chance to cater to its player base demands. Moreover, Epic Games constantly likes to expand its list of collaborations. However, for a specific Mickey Mouse collaboration, the situation seems trickier than ever. 


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It is important to note that the design that has made it to the public domain is the original Steamboat Willie version, aka the OG Mickey Mouse. Every other design following the iconic Steamboat version would still fall under Disney’s copyright claim. So, Mickey’s entry into Fortnite would be needing some ‘Epic’ strategies. 

Although it was just an idea, Fortnite fans couldn’t help but celebrate the possibility. In fact, a lot of players have already started manifesting an ‘OG Mickey Mouse’ battle in the game. Looks like the OG fever for Fortnite isn’t over yet! Let’s have a look at some reactions. 

A user is intrigued by the theory and calls this alleged collaboration ‘too cute’ to handle. Agree?

Another player is all thumbs up to the plan. They have a suggestion for another Disney character to bring to Fortnite. 

A netizen has their countdown started already with ‘popcorns’ to witness the iconic merger happen someday in 2024. 

A player draws a hilarious parallel with Call of Duty as they visualize what Mickey’s skin would look like in the Battle Royale. 


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In case you can’t recall, a fan shares what the OG Mickey Mouse looks like. 


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So, how would you like to catch OG Mickey Mouse in Fortnite? 

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