“The Last of Us” HBO series couldn’t show the same promise at the Golden Globes as it did during the 2023 Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The series bagged eight awards at the Emmys, but the same cannot be said about the Golden Globes. While “The Last of Us” was nominated in three categories, including Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama Television Series, it didn’t get any wins at the Golden Globes.

Although Pedro Pascal didn’t make the win this year, his co-star Bella Ramsey had his back and showed her support. Before the winner was announced, Ramsey won the hearts of millions of fans in a heartfelt moment captured during the Golden Globe Awards.

Bella Ramsey’s cheer brightened up the hearts of “The Last of Us” fans


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During the Golden Globes, Pedro Pascal’s name was mentioned while announcing the Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama Television Series award. A video clip of that exact moment was captured and shared on Twitter while identifying Bella Ramsey in the background.

After Pedro’s name was called out, the video captured his humble reaction, but the same could not be said for Ramsey. The co-actress is caught cheering for Pedro with intense enthusiasm. Ramsey can be seen in the background clapping with all her might to cheer on her co-star.

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Although the award was finally given to Kieran Culkin, who had a few words for Pedro, the moment of Ramsey’s support started making waves on Twitter. Upon seeing this, many fans began taking to Twitter to share their comments on the clip.

Bella Ramsey’s reaction mesmerizes fans

The comments section was full of fans sharing their excitement to see Ramsey’s support for her co-actor Pedro. And this comment pointed out how the co-star relationship has started to make an impression on their fans.

This fan of the Bella-Pedro dynamic stated how Ramsey was channeling the energy of fans watching the event from home.

One comment states that the way that Ramsey cheered for Pedro, tells us everything we need to know about the bond the two actors have. They commented about how everyone needs someone who cheers for them like Ramsey did for her co-actor.

A fan shared how they felt a “wholesome” feeling after seeing how Ramsey was cheering on for Pedro.


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Another fan shares their admiration for the two characters the actors played in the show. The friendship between the two actors can be seen on and off screen, making this a duo that has won the hearts of their fans.


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This showcase of support has fans appreciating the two actors more. Although Pedro didn’t win the Golden Globe, Ramsey stepped in to win the hearts of everyone.

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