Gaming fans have been rooting for another Devil May Cry label for a while now. Following the monumental success of Devil May Cry 5, Capcom hasn’t really given something promising to feed on. The closest the fans were offered to a follow-up project post-Devil May Cry 5 was the Peak of Combat mobile game, which is still awaiting a global release. While the community’s eyes are on what’s next in store for the series, Casey Edwards has made it to the internet spotlight with a cryptic tweet. So, are fans finally getting an update on Devil May Cry 6 soon?

Capcom’s Devil May Cry is unarguably among the most celebrated action-adventure titles. The fandom of the video game series exceeds the realm of the industry, thanks to the Netflix superhit anime series by the same name. The series co-created by Capcom has also been a fan-favorite anime on the platform. But what’s next for the brand post the mobile game release? Apparently, fans have something to celebrate as Casey Edwards drops a tease hinting about an upcoming DMC project.

Fans are invested as Casey Edwards returns to the Devil May Cry universe


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Apart from the convincing storytelling, character arcs, and graphics, one thing that became unforgettable was the music of Devil May Cry 5. The credit behind such gripping compositions in the game goes to Casey Edwards, the industry’s renowned music composer. The latter had received six nominations, including a TGA nomination for his music design in the game. He was also awarded the ‘Album of the Year’ award at the Gamemusic Reader’s Choice Awards.

And great news, fellow gamers! The genius is returning to the world again for the same role. “So, what if I were to write more official @DevilMayCry music?” the latter wrote on X recently.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that a follow-up to DMC 5 is confirmed. Most probably, the tease dropped by the composer is related to the upcoming season of the DMC anime series.

For those unaware, the series is being revived for a new chapter. In fact, the DMC anime launch already received an official drop announcement from Netflix two months ago. Looking at the progress of the project, the theory of Casey Edwards being in charge of the composition of the anime series only seems rational. Although there hasn’t been any confirmed launch window announced for the anime series, rumors suggest it will be coming out anytime in 2024.

The expectations from the Netflix adaptation

Over the years, the brand of Devil May Cry has impressed the community with its consistency. Be it detailing in characters or action sequencing, the game stands out as an experience. Thus, the hype built around its all-new Netflix adaptation is only justified. Moreover, the association of some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry adds to the excitement. 

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Adi Shankar, an executive producer and series creator known for his realistic and gritty re-imaginings of great brands, is leading the charge. The shamefully underappreciated Dredd, which at last gave the sinister and grim world of the Judge Dredd comics the serious adaptation they deserved, is one of his greatest claims to fame.

Shankar has made many captivating and well-known short films in addition to his other work on television and in feature films. These include the existential James Bond short James Bond: In Service of Nothing, the widely watched but contentious dark sci-fi Power/Rangers, and the Thomas Jane-starring Marvel fan film The Punisher: Dirty Laundry. 


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According to some reports, Hideaki Itsuno, the man behind the magic of DMC video games, would also be supervising the anime project. It looks like the star-studded lineup is everything the fans could have asked for. What are your expectations from the anime adaptation? 

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