2024 is expected to be the biggest year in Xbox history as the lineup looks grander than ever! A new year has just kicked off and it looks like Xbox is already taking charge! If Microsoft’s schedule had you impressed in 2023, the upcoming release lineup for the console might just set some new standards. 

From insane exclusives to much-awaited sequels, the state is set for a coming gaming season. For the fans of diverse genres, Xbox has planned quite a busy year. With that, let us look at some revealed games coming to the console early this year and beyond. 

  1. Hell Let Loose


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One of the best World War 2 games is finally making its way on the Game Pass. Hell Let Loose throws you headfirst into the chaos of delivering an action-packed experience with some of the most iconic battles from the eastern and western front. The game feels realistic, emotional, and accurate with details. 

Hell Let Loose has already been out on the Game Pass since January 4. 

2. Close to the Sun 

A genre that never goes out of the fan-favorite trend has to be horror. If you’re seeking horror and adventure, Close to the Sun is the game to explore. The indie game provides a first-person perspective to your character uncovering secrets in a mysterious ship while you search for your sister. The story is full of twists and surprises and as you explore and solve puzzles, you’ll find yourself quite engaged in the spooky universe. 

Close to the Sun is also currently out for Xbox Game Pass. 

3. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

While Assassin’s Creed Valhalla might not be the best AC game out there, it surely is an experience worth your time. The game has all the elements of a classic Assassin’s Creed adventure that fans have loved over the years. The character detailing is impressive and the Viking culture depiction provides you with one of the most striking visuals of the franchise. Overall, it’s a treat for all the RPG fans. 

Valhalla arrives on Game Pass on January 9 for Cloud, Console, and PC. 

4. Figment 

Figment is yet another impressive-looking action-adventure game with an innovative take on visuals. Also, Figment has a very fresh and interesting story to tell. In this game, players explore the depths of the human mind and face their fears. The world is vast and colorful as you get to solve puzzles and tackle obstacles. Simply, the developers aim to integrate the puzzle-solving gameplay with a sweet self-discovery message. 

The narrative focused on drawing parallels with the fears and dilemmas of the mind. Hence, Figment is highly recommended as an experience. Figment will also be arriving on Game Pass this January 9. 

5. Super Mega Baseball 4 

Baseball fans, assemble! Super Mega Baseball 4 would give you all the fun you expect from a baseball game. The biggest pitch of the game is its balance between hardcore baseball and entertainment. In fact, with the gameplay integration of realism with arcade graphics, the makers sum up the story. The latest installment to Super Mega Baseball also adds a lot of content along with additional new characters inspired by real baseball legends. 

It will be available on Xbox Game Pass from January 11. 

6. Resident Evil 2 Remake 

We mentioned horror and it’s hard to keep the Resident Evil brand away from the list. Resident Evil 2 Remake is coming on Game Pass very soon. The pioneer of horror survival games puts you into a race against time when you overcome hurdles to get through a raccoon plague-infected city. The narrative of the game is unmatched. And with the remake enhancing the graphics, gameplay, and animations, revisiting the old-school classic is a must-have experience. 

Resident Evil 2 Remake doesn’t just bank on nostalgia but brings a lot of surprises. Well, make sure you get the game through Xbox Game Pass on January 16. 

7. Those Who Remain 

Those Who Remain is yet another impactful psychological horror game that puts you in the shoes of a trapped character in a mysterious city. Sounds like traditional horror? Well, that’s exactly what it serves the players. It shapes the game according to the moral decisions you make throughout the journey of redemption. Of course, it’s not a perfect game but if you’re a horror fan, you would love it. 

Those Who Remain arrives on Xbox Game Pass on January 16. 

8. We Happy Few 

We Happy Few is another unique action-adventure game that throws you into an alternative 1960s England that is filled with dark humor and psychological twists. The story unfolds in layers of multiple characters each having a perspective of their own. The task of the game is to uncover the mystery behind a substance spread across the state called ‘Joy’. In summary, We Happy Few is very different.

Xbox Game Pass brings We Happy Few this January 11. 

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9. Shinorubi

In the vein of Japanese Danmaku games, SHINORUBI is a bullet hell-style game. A fast-paced arcade action bundle with a lot of replay value, SHINORUBI’s several difficulty settings, arrange modes, spacecraft variations, online leaderboards, and achievements are all included.

Shinorubi arrives for Game Pass on January 12.

10. Electrician  Simulator 


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Electrical Simulator by Yandex. You’ll play as an electrician in the game Electrician Simulator. Discover the trade secrets of electricians to become the most accomplished professional in your area! Fix things. Plugs, chandeliers, light fixtures, install sockets, screw in light bulbs, and lay wires. It’s a very different game on Xbox and you may find the game quite addictive as you learn to untangle the wires. 

Xbox Game Pass gets Electrician Simulator on January 11. 


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So, which game are you looking forward to the most? 

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