Has Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Got AI Bots in Public Matches? Here’s the Entire Controversy Explained

Published 12/02/2023, 7:22 AM EST

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Call of Duty seems to be in hot water right now over a recently discovered situation. And of course, it’s related to the newly released FPS premium Modern Warfare 3 and its Multiplayer side of things. The MP setup, according to a player, is not offering a real online gaming experience at all. This player has revealed a big reason to claim that MW3 is, in fact, rolling out AI bots to manipulate the outcomes of public matches.

Interestingly, this news comes right after the makers provided a much-needed update over skill-based matchmaking in COD titles. But now, it appears the move was to create a distraction from the actual problem within Modern Warfare 3, according to the player who’s come out with his AI bot theory. This article will dive deeper into everything related to this controversy, that may end up turning into a real menace for devs in the next few days.

How are AI bots affecting public Multiplayer matches in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?


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YouTuber ‘Blame Truth – The CODFather’ recently dropped a new video on his channel. Titled ‘It’s not a conspiracy theory anymore’, the clip mentioned all the points regarding AI bots in MW3’s public matches. Blame Truth started by offering a proof from a random player’s gameplay session in which the player allegedly encountered bots instead of real human users.


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While offering the first bit of proof as evidence, Blame Truth revealed that the lobby had weird names for the players. And that it’s not usually the case for a match to have individuals with such names like Vodka, Golden, Zodiac, and Kinder. Per the YouTuber, they seemed like “generic fake names.”

Further, Blame Truth mentioned that according to the player who faced these AI bots, they were all “running like headless chicken,” when it comes to movement across the map. But this doesn’t seem to strengthen the conspiracy theory, right? Hence, the YouTuber provided two more instances.

Giving further proof, Blame Truth showed an actual gameplay video sent to him from a user known as DemonJuice. According to the content creator, this footage “simply cannot be refuted.”

The video showed that DemonJuice was searching for a match inside the map of Rust. Shortly, the lobby was filled by randomly generated names of players that didn’t seem to be humans. Almost all the names of different players in this match were similar. For example, there was one aa9479965h, while a few others were called aa9479965i, aa9479965j, aa9479965k, and so on.

What’s even stranger is that during the actual game, all these alleged bots were acting like one single person in terms of moving from one point to another. “All of this should just speak for itself. How they move in unison is incredibly creepy,” said Blame Truth.


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Then he showed the second clip, being the third piece of evidence. And this footage also featured players with same names. And all of them were acting similar to how the aforementioned instance played out. In short, they all were reportedly AI bots according to the YouTuber’s observation.

“I want an explanation, that’s all I want,” said Blame Truth while directing his question towards Sledgehammer and Activision. While explaining the reason for why having bots in public matches of MW3 doesn’t make any sense, he said that the game has a “drop-in matchmaking. It’s always been for them. It’s very clear (that) something messed up.”


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As of this writing, there’s been no response from the Call of Duty team over this bizarre situation.

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