Here Are the Top 10 Zombie Games of All Time

Published 12/28/2023, 2:06 PM EST

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Horror games are making a big comeback. It started late last year when the Callisto Protocol was launched. That game did not fulfill any of the promises it made, but it did kickstart this new survival horror revolution. But there is one genre that is slowly becoming obsolete. Zombie games have almost vanished from existence, as there are very few of them seen nowadays.

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As the gaming community experiences a draught of zombie games. Finding some titles worth playing in this genre can be hard. To make this task easier, here’s a list of 10 very inventive zombie games that everyone should play.

Dying Light


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Techland is a developer that knows what it’s good at. They started their journey through zombie games via Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. These games were a mixed bag, full of bugs, decent gameplay, and a boring world and campaign. However, in their follow-up title, Dying Light, they fixed everything, even the gameplay that was alright to begin with.

Dying Light introduced parkour to the Zombie formula. This game removed those slow, dumb zombies and gave gamers volatile, faster, and more feral zombies that players really needed to be scared of.


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State of Decay 2

This one is going to leave both zombie horror and survival game fans satisfied. It allowed plyers to start a community of survivors in a world ended by none other than zombies! This game has snappy gameplay and some very pretty visuals, and the best part is that years after its launch back in 2018, this game is still getting regular updates.

However, if you are too scared to take on this responsibility all on your own, bring a friend. This game also supports co-op!

World War Z

Talking about World War Z should not be very hard. It is basically a survival shooter where up to four players come together to take down hoards and hoards of zombies. This game offers all the 4 dead fans out there a satisfying experience. They would not forget the original, but their third attempt at zombie killing would surely be quenched.

Jump into this one if you are looking for some mindless, gore-filled fun.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Capcom finally gathered up enough courage to remake the best game in its Resident Evil franchise. The campiest and most entertaining of their games, this title does not disappoint at all. It looks gorgeous, it has fast and responsive gameplay, and it has a bunch of new additions such as parry and stealth kills.

By the way, players can now make Salazar’s head explode! This game allows players to go up against Ganados (zombified villagers), Chainsaw Man (a zombie with a chainsaw!), Bella sisters (two chainsaw-wielding zombie sisters), and more.

Days Gone

Days Gone tries to be Red Dead Redemption 2 with zombies. And it fails miserably at being RDR 2, but it is one heck of a zombie game. Bend Studio literally developed zombie AI that followed each other’s scent. They roam around in hoards at night, and if one of them is left behind, they know how to find their way back to their group. Imagine riding that bike of yours in this game at night and then realizing you ran out of petrol. Finding that can of patrol can be a tense affair, as one screaming zombie can invite a massive hoard into your position.

This game rules at being an authentic and scary zombie experience.

Back 4 Blood

Where World War Z reminds players of Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood is Left 4 Dead. The same developer made both games, and similar zombies appear in both games, and the combat mechanics are very similar too.

If you are on the lookout for a modern Left 4 Dead, go for this one. If you want to play a fast-paced zombie shooter, give this one a go.

Dead Island 2

Making zombies funny might be a worn-out idea, but several studios still know how they can cash in on it. That’s exactly what Dambuster Studios did. And they succeeded in doing so too. Then they added a somewhat bearable story to that formula, and you have a very enjoyable zombie game with fun gameplay and a passable story.

If you were put off by the first two installments, Dead Island 2 would really lift your mood.

Dying Light 2

Yes, Techland made a sequel to Dying Light, and they once again improved on most things. Zombies now cut like real humans, and that makes this game stand out. It has modern visuals, more polished combat mechanics, and a far better story.

Go for Dying Light 2 if you care for fast-paced zombie horror titles. You will not be disappointed.


Ubisoft has almost stopped innovating nowadays. But there was a time when this developer allowed for some creative push. Zombi came out during that time. It was initially launched as a Wii U launch title and was named Zombie U. It is a roguelike game where players explore a London that is overrun by zombies. Players get their loot in their backpacks, and if they are bitten, they take control of some other survivor.

And if they want their previous backpack, they just have to go to the location where they died and kill their old zombie self. This idea stands out to this day; after all, it’s not often that you get to see a roguelike zombie game.

The Last of Us Part 2


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Some would say the first part would have been a better addition to this list, but this list consists of games with better gameplay, and not just interactive stories. The Last of Us Part 2 offers a story and very tight stealth action survival horror gameplay. Killing those monsters in this title is just fun. Of course, the game takes a different take on zombies. For starters, the word zombies isn’t used. Instead, it’s a fungal pandemic with different stages of infection. When played in the right lighting and with proper sound, those clickers can genuinely be unsettling. But with TLOU2, they made clickers look like kindergarten kids when they introduced the Rat King.

On the other hand, players can pit infected and enemy humans against each other. Remember the sequence in the subway station? Fun times indeed. Now is the best time to get it, given the fact that Sony is soon launching a Remaster of this game for PS5.


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These zombie games truly live up to their price. Just pick one up and go kill some brain-eaters today!

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