Masahiro Sakurai became widely famous for his work on the Super Smash Bros series. Although recently he has diverted his attention from creating games full-time and works majorly on his YouTube channel. The notable figure has forged a significant connection with the gaming industry for his illustrious works. His YouTube channel has a strong following. Moreover, it’s how fans keep up with what he has been up to over the years. While it may look like Sakurai is mainly into discussing gaming concepts on his channel, his latest YouTube video says otherwise.

Sakurai’s latest video speaks about how developers in the gaming industry work. He remarked that while many creators have made a name for themselves, some have stopped working in the industry due to its rigorous pressures. He explains how while some devs have had a flourishing career in gaming; it is okay for them to answer their other callings in life. Later in the video, he mentions that he is working on a game which gave fans some interesting ideas.

Masahiro Sakurai’s latest video gives fans hope for a new Smash title


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The visionary has been working closely with Nintendo wherein he carved out glory for himself by creating the Kirby and Smash Bros series. Sakurai conveying his active involvement in game development brought forth speculations about a new Super Smash Bros game.

While speculation intensifies, there is no actual word from the dev or Nintendo about a new game. The post on X sharing the YouTube video states, “I truly believe he’s back with Namco Studio S & Studio 2 ramping up for the next Smash Bros.”

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In the view that Sakurai posted, the statement “As for me, I’m still creating games for the time being,” became a ray of hope for players looking forward to a new Super Smash Bros game. This statement had the community’s attention, with many fans taking to the comments section to discuss the possibilities of a new game.

The gaming community indulges in discussion over a new Super Smash Bros title

The main poster shared some more insight in the comments section and said “Watching his videos, I’ve never gotten the impression he wants to retire or leave the Smash series in the hands of anyone else.” This shows that the original poster is a fan of Sakurai and tries to understand what the dev is thinking when it comes to the future of the game.

Another fan shared how they were worried that there would be no follow-up to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. They then shared how they believe that a new Smash Bros game is in the works too.

Building on the theory that there is a new Smash title in the works, this player expresses that they would like the slate cleaned and have no more than 40 characters. They also suggested that they would like old characters to get completely new moves.

While expressing their hopes for a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Deluxe, they did mention that they don’t want a new game because they would introduce new characters they wouldn’t know how to pit against.


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Although most fans were excited to think about a new Smash game, this user hopes against it. They speak about how Sakurai could do so much more in their opinion.


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As there is no official statement from Sakurai or Nintendo, all the comments and posts should be taken as speculation. While we wait for any update on the same, do you think that there is a new Super Smash Bros game in the making? Let us know in the comments below.

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