MrBeast Has a Weekly Content Lineup Ready for December and Fans Believe It’s Because “T-Series Sub War Is On”

Published 11/28/2023, 9:05 AM EST

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The YouTube King MrBeast is all set to end 2023 with a bang! Well, the ongoing year for the award-winning YouTuber has been grander than ever as he has kept his fans busy with constant entertaining uploads. From wild stunts to exploring edge-of-the-seat challenges, there’s nothing he hasn’t done this year. But with just over a month remaining to the year, it seems like MrBeast has saved the best for the last. And this could be what he needs to bump up from the biggest individual YouTuber, to the biggest YouTuber.

The buzz around MrBeast possibly surpassing of T-Series in subscriber count continues. He recently surpassed the big 200 million mark, yet another milestone. Thus, the gap between the T-Series and MrBeast seems to narrow with each day. Now, with the latest tease dropped by the creator and his team, fans feel the countdown to surpassing T-series has begun.

MrBeast wants his fans to turn the “notifications on”


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The latest community post update on the Google-owned platform by the YouTuber has invited a strong series of speculations from the netizens. Through a clear address, Jimmy and his team have confirmed a promising lineup of videos planned in December, kicking off with two consecutive Saturday uploads. 

Turn on notifications right now because we have weekly uploads coming the next couple Saturdays and I don’t want you to miss any,” the post reads. Following the community update, MrBeast fans were all fired up for an exciting and entertaining December. Certainly, the roadmap would be ending Jimmy’s streak of dominance in 2023 on a high. A Reddit user, taking the excitement to the platform, wrote, Many new vids coming in these next couple weeks!!!!”


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Many new vids coming in these next couple weeks!!!!
byu/Zestyclose-Ad5745 inMrBeast

The upcoming lineup also marks an important event in the context of the “subscriber war”. While some of the community pundits believe there’s a long way to go for the big T-Series to surpass, a lot of fans have predicted the dethroning to be imminent. Moreover, the surge in Jimmy’s popularity lately has only helped the theory. With some consecutive uploads during a festive season, an expected peak in numbers is highly plausible. 

MrBeast himself has made his intentions clear. In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), he stated his desire to be number 1. His post read, “With the upcoming sub race with T-Series I just want to make clear I love my fans from India and this has nothing to do with countries, I just want to be #1 most subscribed haha.”

With everything MrBeast has done, for instance, his recent video where he buried himself alive for 7 days, fans are behind him on his road to being number 1.

The celebrations have already begun 

The Reddit post invited many interesting comments, with fans pumped for what the creator has planned in his bid to surpass T-series.

A user in the Reddit discussion wants all the YouTube fans to assemble for the showdown, wrote, Spread the word!!! Let’s break records & pass T-series soon!”

I think he is doing this so he can win the sub war against t series,” another user talked about the thought behind the promising lineup. 

A fan thinks the creator might already be working on the ‘winning video.’ They wrote, The Grind for the Battle begins! Hopefully knowing Jimmy they are all certified bangers and eventually he is working on the winning video.”


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A netizen revisits the iconic T-Series vs PewDiePie subscriber war as they root for MrBeast to avenge the loss. “Avenge PewDiePie,” the user wrote. 

Meanwhile, a user wants the creator to slow down the process, as they prefer the once-in-a-while uploads as a surprise. Ok, time for downvotes, but I actually liked it more when the uploads were a surprise,” the comment reads. 


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If there’s one thing that is clear from all of MrBeast’s videos, it’s that you can’t predict what’s coming next. But one thing is for sure; whatever it’s going to be, it will be huge.

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