These Games Would Have Been a Better Ongoing Game Winner Than Cyberpunk 2077

Published 12/14/2023, 11:39 AM EST

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During The Game Awards 2023, the hosts decided to announce a very unusual award. The Best Ongoing Game Award. This award is specifically for live-action games and such. But this year’s choice for the best ongoing game of the year went to an even more unusual title. That title was none other than Cyberpunk 2077.

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No doubt CD Projekt Red put a lot of effort into this game. Ever since its launch in 2020, the game has seen numerous updates. Those updates worked to make this game one of the best-looking and best-playing titles of 2023. However, it’s not a live-service game, and many gamers think it should not have won this award. So if not Cyberpunk 2077, then which game? Here’s a list of some games that could have won the Best Ongoing Game Award for 2023.



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This is a very beautiful and equally fun third-person live-action game that was launched by Digital Extremes back in 2013. Since then, this game has made its way to pretty much every platform out there, including the PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo Switch consoles. There’s been no shortage of fun missions in this game. It’s a live-action title after all.

The most important thing to note about Warframe is that its developers did not continuously update it because they had to fix it, but because they had to add new content to it. It’s been ten years since its launch, and Ninjas are still playing for free. And those Ninjas get free new expansions on a regular basis. It also has a robust co-op mode, so Ninjas never play alone either.


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No Man’s Sky

This game launched to so much hype that even if it was all that developer Hello Games promised it to be, it would still not have lived up to it. But Hello Games took full responsibility for their mistakes, and they fixed them in a big way. While Cyberpunk’s developer spent all these years fixing the game, Hello Games gradually made their game larger. They added new missions, story missions, and side missions. Players could now be bounty hunters. Eventually, they made it easier for players to play together.

Today, it’s one of the largest indie games ever made. And the best part is, now that they have earned all the praise, they have not stopped. Hello Games is still adding new content to No Man’s Sky. This is the kind of effort that deserves such an award.

Final Fantasy XIV

Imagine a game that started its life back in 2010 as a subscription-based competition to World of Warcraft. A game that was mostly looked at as an unsuccessful attempt at trying to take over a market it did not understand. This game now has a larger market than that of World of Warcraft, but how? Square Enix decided to bring this game to consoles alongside PCs.

Ever since its initial launch, it has been on PlayStation consoles. And now, Final Fantasy XIV has been announced that at the start of 2024, Xbox gamers will be able to enjoy this title too. Besides its availability, the developers have even ensured a continuous supply of new content for this game. In fact, the game is about to get its latest expansion, called Downtrail, in early 2024.


Epic Games might make a number of weird decisions, but they have yet to make a mistake in two things. One is their Unreal Engine, which keeps evolving with every passing moment, and the second is Fortnite. It is a game that started very strong, and to this very moment, it has yet to see a massive setback. The reason for its consistent success is its continuous growth. Developer Epic Games has assured that players will never fall short of things to do and be hyped for in this game.

From massive partnerships with content creators to crossovers with various well-known properties such as Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars, Family Guy, etc, they keep introducing new stuff. Recently, when there was a little dip in the player count, they instantly brought it up by bringing the OG content of Fortnite back to its map. This level of effort deserves some recognition.

Sea of Thieves

There is much that can be said about this game. But if one has to explain it in a very simple manner, then let’s just say it is a pirate sandbox game where players hunt treasure with their friends. They build their ship, they decorate it, they update it, and as it grows, so do the pirates.


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From its lackluster start to this very moment, Sea of Thieves has evolved into an excellent showcase of Rare’s creativity. Crossovers with the Pirates of the Caribbean, Monkey Island, and Gears of War series of games have added a unique flavor to this title. And there’s no hint of it ever slowing down.


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With such excellent games available for this award, why did they decide to hand it to a game that’s not an ongoing game? This will always be a puzzle. It just ends up being unfair to games that actually deserve it.

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