These 10 GTA Missions Tested Player’s Skills Like Never Before

Published 01/15/2024, 5:49 AM EST

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One of the most memorable aspects of any GTA game is its variety of missions. While some of them end up being extremely fun and with a lot of replay value, others are just way too difficult. From Nico kidnapping a mobster’s daughter and driving with almost no control to the Big Score in GTA V, there have plenty of missions which players have loved. And at the same time, there have been many missions that, after completing, players feel like “that’s something we will not be doing again.” 

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Ever since GTA entered the 3D era, there have been some missions that stand out as a test to map how skilled the players are. Although having a challenge can make missions more fun, here are the 10 Grand Theft Auto missions that almost had players breaking their controllers and keyboards.

10. Wrong Side of the Tracks (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)


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Remember the infamous Big Smoke’s dialogue, “All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ!” The mission involves CJ and Big Smoke following a train to take down members of the Vagos gang. What makes this mission more difficult than it should be is Big Smoke’s poor shooting skills.

This leaves players having to follow the train with perfect accuracy and, even though done properly there are chances of the mission to fail based on how lucky Big Smoke gets with the shots.


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9. Death Row (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

The mission requires rescuing Lance Vance from a junkyard before his health drops to zero. The thing that makes this mission so difficult is the sheer number of enemies in the area and the time limitations. Vance’s health starts to drop the second the mission starts and players need to drive across town to get to where he is held hostage.

One of the things that makes this mission more difficult than usual is the clunky driving controls that cars in Vice City come with.

8. The Big Score (Grand Theft Auto 5)

The last heist mission in the story of GTA 5, The Big Score is notorious for being difficult because of the number of enemies players need to take care of. The mission’s difficulty is attributed to the accuracy of enemy shots and the need for a good understanding of GTA 5’s gunplay.

In this heist-style mission, players take on a mission in which all three protagonists are involved. There are two methods that players can tackle the mission, with each approach giving players a different reward. The Obvious method involves charging into the facility without any disguise. Although the mission gives players a grand payout of $201,600,000, it is a difficult one to do.

7. The Exchange (Grand Theft Auto 3)

This entry comes in from the first 3D game to be released by the studio. The Exchange mission is notorious for feeling luck-dependent as the bullets shot by AI are random and unpredictable. The premise of the mission is to save Maria from a bunch of enemies. While this might sound straightforward, players have seven minutes to eliminate enemies, rescue Maria, and escape within the given time.

6. Robbing Uncle Sam (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

The mission involves breaking into a military depot to arm the Grove Street family against all other gangs. For this mission, players need to break into the depot while loading up a van with boxes using forklifts.

If the controls of the forklifts don’t seem difficult enough to handle, players need to remember that their partner, Ryder, is supposed to survive the mission. This means players need to cycle between loading up the van and taking out enemies. It does not end there, as players need to now escape the military police, which is not an easy feat overall.

5. The Driver (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)

Just like the previous Vice City entry on this list, this mission is notorious for its difficult driving controls. This mission involves an unfair race, where the opponent drives a muscle car while players are stuck with a Sedan.

On top of that, it gets harder to complete as the opponent is a computer driving on an almost perfect path to reach the finish in mind-bending times. But that’s still okay until the Vice City Police Department starts chasing the player for an illegal street race while the AI is left mostly unbothered by the pursuit.

4. Did Somebody Say Yoga (Grand Theft Auto 5)

This unconventional mission in GTA 5 involves an awkward analog stick and trigger movements during yoga. While the mission seems quite simple, the game mechanics make it hard to master.

Players have spent multiple tries to complete this mission, as most people give up after saying, “Michael just can’t do yoga.” It alsohappens to be one of the most hated and pointless missions in the game.

3. Espresso to Go (Grand Theft Auto 3)

Espresso to Go requires players to destroy nine espresso stands in under seven minutes and 50 seconds. The difficulty arises from being shot at during the mission and the need for a fast, well-armored vehicle. Most vehicles in the game are unable to assist with completing this mission as the game has limited cars known for their speed and durability.

2. Supply Lines (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas):

The top 2 missions in this list have one thing in common. Annoying Remote Control vehicles that players need to navigate around while managing the Fuel bar. In this mission, CJ must pilot a small plane and take down delivery trucks. The frustrating controls make the mission challenging, and enemies shooting at the vehicle do not help.

Luckily this mission is an optional one and players can complete the game without ever taking on this mission.

1. Demolition Man (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)


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Demolition Man involves flying an RC helicopter without checkpoints. The lack of checkpoints makes it the hardest mission in the GTA franchise as it comes with a time constraint, horrible controls for the RC helicopter, and countless enemies trying to take out the helicopter to save the building that players are trying to demolish.

This is by far the hardest mission in GTA Vice City and has been the reason many players have given up on the story mode of the game.


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This concludes our list of the Top 10 hardest missions in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Which of these missions have you had the most difficult time countering? Let us know in the comments below.




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