Who Is Shin Jae-Eun and What’s Her Stellar Blade Connection? Here’s Everything to Know

Published 01/05/2024, 6:53 AM EST

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The protagonist of PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade has captivated every gamer on social media. Since her first reveal more than two years ago, the cybernetic character has grown on to become a popular face even before the game’s release. Just recently, the mystery behind her lifelike character has been finally uncovered.

Stellar Blade is an upcoming PS5 exclusive game being developed by Shift-Up, a Korean studio. Initially, it was announced under the title of Project Eve back in 2019. However, the devs eventually decided to call it Stellar Blade. But the character’s name Eve has remained unchanged. While fans have been eager to play this game for various reasons, one of them is the mesmerizing protagonist, Eve herself, possessing an unbelievable realism compared to recent third-person AAA titles.

Stellar Blade’s Eve is modelled after Korean model Shin Jae-eun


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A fan page dedicated to developer Shift-Up recently revealed this major update. The account named ShiftUpWorld mentioned how Eve’s model was created based on a 3D digital scan of Korean model who’s known as Shin Jae-eun.

As one can see in the brief clip shared by the account on X, Shin can be seen being 3D-scanned for the facial features of Eve. The clip shows both the model and the character to provide a proper comparison.

Stellar Blade, however, isn’t the first game to use 3D scanning of people for video game characters. In fact, this method has become extremely popular in the last decade, especially across major AAA titles. The option to scan real-life models provides a realistic feel to the in-game characters and their various expressions.


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Games like Call of Duty, GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, and The Last of Us Part II are prime examples of how 3D-scanning can result into amazing-looking characters on screen. Not to mention the likes of ‘Like a Dragon’ series. It also consists of real-life wrestlers and many other popular Japanese actors. They all were digitally scanned for their in-game appearances.

Talking more about Stellar Blade, it was previously scheduled to release in 2023. At the end of last year, however, Sony pushed it further while causing a delay for an ultimate launch window of 2024. Still, a proper date hasn’t been confirmed. But many reports suggest that it might arrive in the second half of the year.


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Developer Shift-Up is looking to harness the full potential of PS5’s hardware. Maybe that’s the primary reason the studio is taking more time to make everything polished. It really wants to offer the best possible immersive experience to players. Being a timed console exclusive, Stellar Blade is also expected to make its way to PC in the near future.

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